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July 29th, 2014, 06:22 AM
Hey guys im here to ask about add the inattentive type.let us see through all the symptoms

Shift from task to task without finishing anything
Yeahhhh like doing a productive thing and realizing "hey how do i do this it's very hard" then after a few minutes i ended up eating instead :P
Become easily distracted
In class you are really trying HARD to pay attention but you just notice that little scratch on the table and now when you try to focus again the teacher will now give the seatwork :lol:
Miss important details
When talking to someone its like you will get distracted to your face making you say this "can you repeat again?" then he/she repeats it again and then you still didn't get it you ended up saying umm... ok :yes:
Make careless mistakes in homework and tests
-No comment about this one
Get bored quickly
A big yes! even to the world's most non boring aspect.GAMES i major in game development but i can't freakin last 1 hour to play a game (depends if i'm really into it) example minecraft just played like 5 minutes then i get bored!.
Have trouble getting organized, for example losing homework assignments or keeping the bedroom messy and cluttered
-Nothing to say about this one
Don't seem to listen when spoken to
-Explained it earlier
Are slow to understand information
-Explained it earlier.
Have trouble following instructions
-Explained it.

So what do you think guys? i am asking because i really need some ANTI DEPRESSANTS/meds (NOT TO MENTION MY ANXIETY ISSUES) this thing is a big hindrance to me and college.Do you think its time for to to take a diagnosis?

January 2nd, 2015, 07:29 PM
Taking a test to see if you have it can't hurt right? If you ended up eating instead of finishing a project then that might not be ADD you might have just been hungry ;) You could try like an online test like this one http://psychcentral.com/addquiz.htm (http://psychcentral.com/addquiz.htm) and get a miniature diagnosis. If it comes back positive you might want to see a professional. It should be free to get checked, so don't get worried by it. ;)