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June 24th, 2014, 03:21 PM
(I have no idea where this should actually go, sorry, but I feel like this is the best spot tmk)

Challenges sounds like a scary word, it really does.

When we go through something rough, we say we're going through a "challenging spot in our life" or we'll say we "have our challenges".

But they totally get us down.

Funny thing is, on the other side, you've got people saying "I'm always up for a challenge", and so on. Sure, a challenge is by definition no walk in the park, but it's meant to be something you conquer. Something you rise above, come out on top of, and so on.

So why do the challenges in our life seem so unbearable? I think part of it is that we've been conditioned to feel this way, or that we've failed to conquer a challenge in the past, so we're playing it safe.

The bad thing about this is that suddenly, life seems like one big, unbearable challenge.

I think we all need to take a closer look at our problems, and see what truly challenges us, and try to work on beating those challenges. Even if those challenges seem long, grueling, maybe even impossible- you don't have to do it all at once. Baby steps. You don't run up a mountain when you climb it, right?

So ITT, I'm posting some potential challenges you can do if you struggle with a particular challenge. You guys can post ones for me as well, and I'll totally add them to this post. You can also post your own personal challenges, and if you feel like it, update us on the progress! I know I'd love to hear how you're doing, and I'm positive everyone else here would as well.



Social Anxiety:

-Talk to ONE person you don't talk to much. Maybe a phone call, a PM, a Facebook message.
-If going on chat gives you anxiety, try it out! You don't have to talk right away, you can read everyone else's conversation until you feel you have input, or you feel comfortable.
-Call and order pizza, or something along those lines.
-Skip the self-checkout at the store, go have a cashier check out your purchases.
-Say hello as you walk by someone on the street.
-Call and set up your own hair appointment if you've never done it before. Do something you aren't 100% sure of how to do, that you've always relied on your parents for.
-Call/Facebook message/etc. an old friend, a family member you haven't seen in years etc. Someone you've been comfortable with in the past, but you might not go out of your way to talk to due to anxiety. (Because when you have social anxiety, you pretty much don't go out of your way to talk to anyone.)

Anxiety(General) :

-Tell yourself "It's all in my head." or "My anxiety will not get the best of me." Even if it doesn't work, just say it a few times. Try to get yourself into a strong mindset- anxiety is worry and fear. Those emotions require you to be submissive. Try not to let yourself be submissive. (And don't feel bad if it doesn't work right away, or at all. Remind yourself that you are trying, and that is a noble thing in itself.)
-Do a few jumping jacks if you can manage to get up. Try to get your blood flowing somehow- the endorphins that come with exercise can be really good to combat anxiety. (Ever heard of the phrase "pumped up" in the context of a good workout? That's the feeling. However, if you've done a few jumping jacks out of fucking nowhere and winded yourself, you know it doesn't take an entire, long workout.)
-Make yourself pull out some power songs, and listen to music that can pump you up, lift your spirits.
-Make yourself turn on the TV, watch a funny show. Just not anything too serious- anything that will stress you out (suspense, drama, sadness) will only make it worse.
-If possible, make yourself get up and make a light snack, or a small meal. A sandwich. A salad. Something that requires a little bit of thought and effort. (More than say, a pop tart, etc. Something that requires preparation.) Focus on what you're doing. In your head, read like a kindergarten dialogue of your actions. (When making a sandwich, say "I am taking the bread out of the bag/box. I am spreading the mayonnaise on the bread. I am cutting the sandwich." And so on. Yes, I know, that person had a bland-ass sandwich, but bear with me.)
-Go somewhere your anxiety tells you not to go. (Nowhere STUPID, but like, a party, or into a store you've never been in before, etc.)

I'll add more later. I hope this'll at least help someone though.