View Full Version : What is happening

June 8th, 2014, 05:49 PM
okay ao this is stupid as hell i think i'm turning insane i'm hearing voices and then i heard someone shake a pack of chocolare sprinkles and oh my god and the voices are continueing idk whats happening i tried to sleep but it didn't work please help i can't stand this much longer

June 8th, 2014, 05:53 PM
Okay. Stupid as hell confirmed.
Asshole neighbours are having a party (it's 1 AM right now) and they're talking and laughing loud.
I don't know about the sprinkles though... D;

June 8th, 2014, 05:55 PM
Wow okay ):
Tell them to stfu and if you don't you're going to have a breakdown or something.
Sounds like their just asshats.

June 8th, 2014, 09:50 PM
Call the police and tell them your ears are being molested by your unfriendly neighbors. You probably shouldn't tell them about the sprinkles... ;P

June 25th, 2014, 09:58 AM
Hahahaha, happens happens :D