View Full Version : The Secret to Success and Some Special Words

May 20th, 2014, 04:39 PM
My dear reader, I'm going to share the secret of success with you, it does seem like a huge deal, success seems like something that can't be achieved with just a secret, but it actually isn't that hard. I had the pleasure to co-host a seminar on success and business today, and from my previous knowledge, and from this seminar, it is my pleasure to be in the state to share this.

One might think there are a million things needed to be successful, but in reality, all you need are four things, just four, and I'll dwell into those four things a bit later, and they work for anything, money, relationships, social life, family, studies, and more. Being successful is actually pretty easy, but getting yourself in that position is the most difficult part I believe. Now before I say that, let me remind you, my reader, that everyone, no matter their race, religion, or socioeconomic status can be successful, if someone thinks they can't because of anything like that, it's bullshit (pardon my language) they are feeding to themselves, and it's amazing how a few words can completely relocate someone's way of thinking. Also, remember the following, there is absolutely no amount of poverty that you can have that will make anyone wealthy, and no amount of misery that you can have that will make anyone happy. If you want to change and move the world towards having a surplus of these things, you have to get that, and then spread it around. With that said, I will now share the four things that are needed to be successful at absolutely anything.

1. Vision - You see, some people set goals, but goals are something you can't depend on, ever, and goals usually have short terms. What you need is a vision, a vision goes beyond the simplicity of a goal. For example, when studying, a goal can be I want to ace my test, a vision, is I want to have amazing grades so I can then go to Harvard, which will give me the recourses and knowledge I need to do whatever I want. Or, the most common yet most powerful vision people have, is most definitely, I want to change the world. And this is great, because a vision is what you need for success, since you can go far beyond a simple goal, and going far beyond that is what we need. With that said I also want to give you a tip on how to do that, your perspective matters here, and for that you don't have to see things worse than they are, you see things just how they are, followed by seeing things better than they are, and then you strive to make them that way.

2. Controlling Your State of Mind - Controlling your state of mind is absolutely crucial in anything you do, since it allows you to not only be calm and patient, but to access the recourses you have available at the moment, it is absolutely crucial to control your state since you can be resourceful at will. Now for most things there are three states that you need to master. The first one is certainty, making sure you have a good idea and be well aware of what you are doing. The second one is clarity, being overwhelmed is the opposite to having clarity, and that clarity will help you be concise. And last but not least is courage, courage is what you need if you want to have conviction and not let fear stop you, this ties in with taking risks, and the truth is having courage is crucial when approaching things with a cost and a benefit or a risk and reward, the difference to me, between the rich and the poor, is that the rich act in the base of fear, while the poor run away from it.

3. Beliefs - Beliefs can be great, as they can be an ethic guide, and ethics are absolutely great in most situations. However there is another sort of beliefs called limiting beliefs, these beliefs might have been fed at you by parents, teachers, governors maybe, and the truth is that you have to break these limiting beliefs in order to unleash potential and achieve true success. Most of our limiting beliefs come from our past experiences, but the truth is that the moment that you decide to become successful you have to let the past fall off, and eliminate those limiting beliefs that make you think that you can't change the world or be the best at absolutely anything.

4. Strategy - Strategy is what I'm going to dwell about the least, that is because strategies are in reality extremely customized when you look at them in a case by case scenario. What this means, however, is that you must have a plan of action, make that plan however you like in order to assure that you will get closer to your vision as time passes, but have one.

Match these four secrets with standards, or the ability to not stay conform with things that aren't the way you want to live by, and you will be successful, this I assure you my dear reader. I thank you for your time.