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September 24th, 2017, 07:47 AM
So, I come from a family of gamers. Yes, i does sound like a good thing and to be honest it is. Itís pretty cool to have parents who think like us and know what we like and all, its fun when they have the same mindset as us (parents who play call of duty? plays multiplayer FPSs with you from time to time?) , but that just makes them less responsible too (at least in my case).

My mother got hooked to an MMORPG a few years back and she has been playing it ever since. Not only that, sheís been on her phone more than ever recently and itís really starting to affect us. I used to let it slide, I mean I know life can be stressful and all for a parent, but itís getting out of hand.

Example?? When weíre shopping (without my dad), all she does is stare at her phone while I have to look after my younger brothers, chase after them and make sure they donít get lost.

In a restaurant, me and my brothers wait for her at least an hour after we finish eating because surprise, thereís another game on her phone that she absolutely loves, that or she spends her time chatting with some online friends (pretty backwards family, I know. I understand why parents get pissed off when kids use their phones during meal times.).

My mom has this habit of using her phone in the car too. So when she gets home, instead of getting out of the car, she sits in there using her phone, chatting to god knows who. Just today, the kids were hungry and starving and we waited 20 whole minutes for her to get out of the car. Heck, we didnít wait. I knocked on the door and CALLED her, and even then, she got out slowly, still on the phone.

We get less family time because of this too. Iím not sure if my mom is doing this on purpose but she usually eats out and brings back for us, so that she can head over to my room (yes, my room. I get zero privacy. My mom and my siblings sleep in MY room. she probably stays because i have a desk. MY STUDY DESK. that she uses for her laptop now and my siblings sleep there too because Iím there. Yeah, my dad sleeps alone itís weird.) to play some nightly event in that mmorpg i mentioned. Dinner is the only time we were able to really get together and talk because weíre all busy with school and work but now even that is just my dad, me, and my brothers.

Im worried about my brothers too, because the slightly older kid is a little behind his studies because my parents never bothered to read to him or teach him much. That, and, it was a bit of my fault for not teaching him much either, but Iím seriously trying to help him now, and so is my dad, but my mom isnít doing anything.

When trying to put the youngest to sleep, i sometimes end up falling asleep first and guess what? Five minutes later, I wake up in my completely DARK room only to find my TWO YEAR OLD brother with my motherís phone too close to his face watching youtube videos while my mom is still on her laptop. I have to repeatedly deal with taking the phone away from him and telling him itís not good for his eyes and itís time to sleep but the moment Iím not there and he starts crying my mom just gives him the phone to shut him up.

I admit that all this has made me mature and grow as a person and it does teach me a lot about how to take care of kids (a useful skill) but Iím afraid thereís only so much I can do with my own life ahead of me and my brothersí to worry about. I once had a school project that I had to stay up late to finish because my mom had some Ďimportantí game event going on around that time. Iím not worried over the fact that Iím not getting any attention from my parents, (Iím almost an adult, fyi) Iím worried for my brothers and how theyíll end up when Iím not able to be there for them.

Iím worried about my family, and how this will affect our relationship with each other. I know my dad works his ass off taking care of the kids now that some sense of responsibility kicked into him once my youngest brother was born but with my mom being like this I just donít think we can hold up much longer. Even my grandparents are worried. Everyone tried to tell her to stop but itís just not working.

Besides, this makes me afraid of having kids of my own because Iím afraid of repeating the same thing. I just donít think I can handle raising children anymore because Iíve been raising my brothers since I was 13. It doesnít give me as many opportunities to go out or do the things I want to prepare myself for the future because I have to take care of brothers.

Now donít get me wrong, I love my mom and my brothers to bits and if you dare hurt one strand of hair on their heads or make them cry I will punch you in the face, but I donít know how to get my mom to stop this and give more attention and time to my brothers. I want them to grow up healthy and happy, with the equal amount of love my parents gave me before my mom got addicted to gaming, but I donít know what to do.

September 25th, 2017, 03:09 PM
I really think that your mom needs an intervention. You need to contact social services for help. Tell a social worker what you have said in your post here and how it has affected your lives and your worries about your brothers. I don't know if you have talked to your dad about this. It must be affecting him and their marriage I would think too. You definitely need to get outside help somehow. Your mom is addicted and it's no better than being a habitual gambler or alcoholic or drug addict. She really needs help and so does your family. It will take counseling for all of you to overcome the damage that your mom has done to your family.

September 27th, 2017, 09:58 PM
It honestly sounds like your mom is dealing with issues beyond mere addiction, possibly depression as she is seeking an escape from the real world.

She needs some sort of psychological intervention as soon as possible.