View Full Version : Bra fitting & proper sizing: me, from 34C to 30FF; you?

September 19th, 2017, 07:19 PM
So I was reflecting on my reply to Countrypie20's post about being happy with her boobs (or not) and it occurred to me that an awful lot of body image/comfort around boobs is likely to do with bras and whether they fit and how girls view it... some thing their bodies are "wrong" because they can't find a good fit; a better viewpoint imnsho is that all bodies are beautiful and boob-nirvana may well follow bra-nirvana.

I never thought I would find a bra for my body, but then I fitted myself with help from a cloth tape and a lovely guide, found the right sizes and found bra brands I like, and went from an ill-fitting 34C that never fit (slipping or digging straps, riding up band, gore that never tacked) to a very-much-nicer 30FF (in british sizing, 30H for any "enlightened" US brands, of which there are notverymany). That being said, sometimes I wear 30F or 32F if the cup runs big or the band runs tight in that brand or model. Bras are complicated, ya know? ;)

There are awesome, supportive (har har) communities online, like "A Bra That Fits" and Bratabase. I also read a lot of bra reviews and bra blogs. I'm the first one to admit maybe I'm a bit bra-obsessed and a bit of a bra nerd, but I think it's an underlooked and important component to folks' physical, social, and mental well-being! Also there's so much bad bra information out there and badly-fitting bras that when you notice it you'll want to bravangelize everyone you know (and even lots of folks you don't know when you have fits because of the terrible "fits" they have har har).

Who else has taken the plunge (har har) and gotten properly fitted, whether at a bra store that knows their A/B/C/Ds (and on the bigger side, their Ps and Qs too!) or online or with the help of family or friends?