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September 11th, 2017, 09:53 PM
Hello, first i want to say that if i'm posting on the wrong "subforum" then i'm sorry, I didn't knew where to put this.
Well, after that I wanna say hi to whoever may be reading this, i'm nnoki and i'm mexican. Well, as some of you may know here on north america we've been having some issues with "mother nature's rage", hurricaine harvey striking on texas, hurricaine irma just passed florida and hurricaine jose is coming, also here on Mexico we had the biggest earthquake on 100 years (harder than one that killed hundreds of people in 1985) and had 64 victims in total, most of them from a little town. Also there is an alert for an upcoming tsunami and also a hurricaine just passed, hurricaine Katia. After all this happened in less than a month i'm concerned of what the life of the ones who survived will be like, some people who have lived all their lifes on a house had to evacuate on emergency, years of memories and work were wiped so easily that I can't believe it.
But i wanna hear your thoughts guys, and if there is someone who was affected by anything here listed i gotta say that i wish you the best of lucks.

Just JT
September 14th, 2017, 07:48 PM
I think that all the weather systems that impacted the southern USA and Mexico recently, I feel pretty confident everyone's been impacted in some way

If you don't live there then maybe someone innyour family, or friends do. Maybe someone is on vacation or just traveling through or something

Maybe your area you live hon inundated by travelers getting away. Or maybe you put up some strangers or friend in your home. Maybe your parents had to go to work at a hotel these people stayed at.

Or maybe someone you know is down there helping in the craziness happening there

Idk, seems to me if your in the americas I can't imagine that shit not affecting everyone in some kinda way