View Full Version : Girls, Dating, and Motorcycles?

September 5th, 2017, 12:46 PM
I get my advanced motrocycle licence soon so I can take a pillion passenger.

I also have a car and can use it, but it's summer and my bike is going to be my main mode of transportation.

could it be considered an appropriate date idea/general mode of transportation to take a date/girl on the back (full protective gear of course).

what are your guys thoughts on this?

Sailor Mars
September 5th, 2017, 12:48 PM
I think it's fine, and if anything kinda badass :P It all depends on how comfortable the girl is though. If you're asking someone out, you should probably mention that you have a motorcycle and if she's okay with riding it. Always make sure they are safe and you are safe while riding though!

September 5th, 2017, 02:35 PM
Ya, dude, you gotta ask her if she's be comfortable riding on the bike with you. If you don't give her the choice and she doesn't like, it will be the last time you see her.

September 5th, 2017, 05:39 PM
I think before asking anyone else if it
is ok-u better check with the girl or ur
date if she wants to get a little wild and
ride a hog with u.

September 5th, 2017, 06:53 PM
I am an avid motorcycle rider. I think it's just fine to take your date on a ride. Some girls or guys really love going on them. Of course you would have to ask them in advance to make sure it's okay. Also cograts on getting your full license. Enjoy and be safe.

September 5th, 2017, 07:44 PM
if she's down with that it'd be cool. just don't be that asshole whipping around corners without a helmet.