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September 3rd, 2017, 01:29 PM
There are so very many surveys and threads on this site that sometimes it's hard to find the information you need. Puberty is a scary thing. Changes occur we can't control, and there are so many questions we have about our bodies and emotions. We kinda want to know what's "normal." How it works. And we want to learn from other girls' experiences so we're better prepared to deal with the same things, including guys and sex. Knowing what to expect and that we're not alone is important.

So I've put together six short surveys that should serve as great coveralls for most common questions. Each covers a different topic: Puberty, Guys, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, and Anal Sex. All of these topics naturally come up during at some point during puberty. Please note: in keeping with the posting policies here, these questions are NOT soliciting information about tips or techniques, so please don't answer the questions as such. This is information gathering, not erotica. Please contribute and add to what I hope is a huge database for ourselves and others.


1. What part of a guy's body do you notice first?
2. What do you like most about a guy's body? The least?
3. Do you prefer a guy who shaves his pubic or body hair?
4. Other than touching ch, what is the most important sense during sex (taste, smell, sight, sound)?
5. Does size matter to you?
6. What can a guy say or do that really turns you on?
7. What can a guy say or do that really turns you off?
8. If you are in a LTR, what personal hygiene things might you do with your bf present? (Shower, shave, pee, poop, change a tampon)

September 3rd, 2017, 01:55 PM
This is not appropriate. :locked: