View Full Version : Is it terminal armpit hair?

September 3rd, 2017, 11:25 AM
G'day, I'm just wondering if the hair i have under my arms is terminal or vellus. I don't have that much hair down there just some kinda long hairs on my balls and around the base of my penis, it is not really really noticable unless light is directed towards the area or looking closley.

I remember some hairs around the base of my penis a year ago about I also have a very deep voice compared to around 2 years. I'm 13 and three quarters by the way.

Anyhow back to the armpits I first noticed the 'hairs' almost a month ago (cannot remember looking before) they seem to be black and not very long and not really grown in lenth in a months time but my left armpit seems to have more hairs than the right (I'm left handed) they also say it is common for the body's halfs to develop differently.

Also does anyone know if your balls hang at lower levels before puberty and do they hang lower with temp before puberty? Sorry for all the questions cheers for the help in advance its just 2 am and I am wondering if they are vellus or terminal and if terminal how long does it take for them to develop.

Sorry for sloppy grammar also 2:24 am here rn. Night.

September 3rd, 2017, 12:21 PM
I know that throughout puberty the balls descend lower as they grow larger; however once your balls have finally grown they tend to shrink and raise if they are cold and stretch out and lower when they are hot the reason being in order for sperm to be produced, the temperature needed is just BELOW body temperature, and so when they are hot they move away from the body and when cold go near the body in order to get warmer (yes there are muscles in your scrotum that do that!)

vellus= light hairs
terminal= dark hairs

possible your armpit is vellus but don't worry man you have a long way through puberty to go so don't sweat it as you get older all the hair all your hair will get longer and darker

September 3rd, 2017, 01:30 PM
Well you are 13. What you describe sounds to me like the beginning stage of your pubic and pit hair growth. That is how most guys start out is with hair around the base of the penis. You are normal and doing fine. I would think that you will see a lot of growth within the next year or so.