View Full Version : Chafing of the balls and legs

Mike 2000
August 28th, 2017, 06:02 PM
Boys, do you have trouble with your nuts rubbing against your legs? I do, and I wonder who else does.

August 28th, 2017, 06:19 PM
I dont mind it at all, if it bothers you just wear some tighter underwear

August 28th, 2017, 07:10 PM
Mine do but it doesn't bother me

August 28th, 2017, 07:46 PM
Very seldom get bothered. If you do you can try an aloe cream for the chaffing or a powder. If you are wearing boxers try boxer briefs instead.

August 28th, 2017, 07:52 PM
sometimes but i just deal with it basically

August 28th, 2017, 09:17 PM
They don't necessarily chafe but if its hot they'll stick to my leg and it's very hard to unstick them without anyone noticing

August 29th, 2017, 07:33 AM
Don’t have this happen to me, but if it annoys you maybe buy some tighter/more supportive underwear to keep them off of your legs

August 29th, 2017, 10:38 PM
I've gotten jock itch from that. I had to go to the drug store and be an anti fungal spray and cream. And it got really itchy. Not a pleasant experience.

August 30th, 2017, 07:14 AM
Havent got it before which I'm happy about. I heard it sucks

August 30th, 2017, 11:37 AM
Haven't had this problem with any underwear I have worn.

August 30th, 2017, 12:11 PM
Boys, do you have trouble with your nuts rubbing against your legs? I do, and I wonder who else does.

I did, until I switched to wearing briefs. With briefs, problem went away.

August 30th, 2017, 01:57 PM
Don't have this issue, must be horrible though :(

August 30th, 2017, 09:24 PM
I wear briefs. I('ve never had any problem with chafing or jock itch.

August 30th, 2017, 10:49 PM
Not really bad, I mean I can feel it a tiny bit when I climb stairs, etc, but other than that I'm not very aware of it.

August 31st, 2017, 09:19 AM
Apply some moisturizer there maybe

September 1st, 2017, 11:50 AM
I don't remember having that with any kind of underwear. I kinda like the feeling of my balls bouncing around.

September 1st, 2017, 05:36 PM
Wearing boxer briefs might help and
if u have chaffing Gold Bond body spray
or powder will help.

October 9th, 2017, 02:03 AM
Right, wearing tight briefs and not boxers might keep them in place so that they don't move around. I like to wear loose boxers but in the process they move around a lot of stick to my legs a lot of the times.

October 9th, 2017, 12:20 PM
i used to but then i found underwear that really helped prevent this. whenever i go commando though, i have this problem, but i deal with it

October 9th, 2017, 12:23 PM
Nah, I wear briefs, so it doesn't happen to me. If you wear boxers maybe you should try briefs.

October 9th, 2017, 01:04 PM
That happens to me all the time and I wear boxer briefs. The base way to stop it from happening is to put some baby powder down there, or moisturize it with lotion so there's less friction.

October 9th, 2017, 01:07 PM
It happens to me sometimes it can get annoying

October 10th, 2017, 02:36 PM
if its hot they can and it is annoying!

October 10th, 2017, 03:20 PM
Like I said before, it's best to wear full briefs, not boxers or boxer briefs or anything like that.

October 10th, 2017, 03:46 PM
Like I said before, it's best to wear full briefs, not boxers or boxer briefs or anything like that.

Will have to try then see if it is any better cos when it's hot omg it is... not the best:metal:

October 10th, 2017, 04:41 PM
Nope, no chafing

October 10th, 2017, 04:58 PM
Never really noticed this

October 10th, 2017, 05:02 PM
Not sure about the baby powder suggestion. Ive heard it can cause cancer in women so im not thinking i want it near my nads. Boxer briefs or briefs seem to help me.

October 10th, 2017, 07:43 PM
I wear briefs and never had any problems like that.

October 15th, 2017, 12:46 AM
If you chafe, try some powder like Gold Bond. I also like Fresh Balls. If you're at all athletic, chafing becomes a problem sooner or later.

Sevro au Barca
October 15th, 2017, 01:09 AM
Not usually, but sometimes when it's hot and I'm wearing loose underwear they'll stick to my leg while I'm sitting down, which is annoying.

October 15th, 2017, 10:37 AM
Hey I use to use baby powder and glide stick or deodorant when I was younger going for long hike or run. Then I found SAXX boxers solved that problem or my package boxers I prefer SAXX holds your junk and little fabric between you and legs.

October 15th, 2017, 07:48 PM
I have serious chaffing especially if I haven't washed my balls in a long time.

October 17th, 2017, 08:25 AM
try to change your underwear model

October 17th, 2017, 04:59 PM
No, however I oftenly get my scrotum stuck to my thigh. It feels weird.