View Full Version : Hair Falling Out?

August 23rd, 2017, 09:33 PM
My hair had always been very thin and frizzy and weak. I never use heat or product in my hair. I dont even towel dry it. Recently, it seems it has been falling out. Not in chunks but enough to make me question it. I am stressed, but not much more than the average person.
I don't want to have to make a doctors appointment unless I have to. Any suggestions?

August 24th, 2017, 06:28 AM
It may be somethng to do with stress as stress can cause your hair follicles to weaken and break at times. It should be perfectly normal and fixable but worse case scenario would be alopecia (a condition that affects both genders and can cause the hair to naturally fall out). That's really rare though

August 24th, 2017, 06:48 AM
Yeah it could be stress, but it could also be a vitamin or mineral deficiency, since you describe your hair being weak and brittle. Are your nails the same in the sense that they are fragile? It could be calcium deficiency or a different type. If possible try taking multivitamins (that includes calcium) and see how much of a difference that makes. If it doesn't change after a few weeks I'd recommend booking that doctors appointment.

Also, it could be genetic. Ask your parents if they were the same at your age or know anyone else in the family that has weak fragile hair.

August 24th, 2017, 02:40 PM
I really do think that seeing a doctor is the best route to take with your concerns. You are young and there has to be some reason why you are loosing hair.