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Cool Mojo
August 22nd, 2017, 02:39 AM
So my parents are forcing me to move at least 11 hours from where I currently live. On top of that this is during my high school years and all of my plans are ruined.

Neither of my brothers are bothered by this, in fact one of them WANTS to move. Not only is this going to be the hardest on me since I've made many great friends and this is during my high school years but the environment isn't even good for me. I have severe allergies and moving to that state just isn't good at all, especially during the spring. In fact when I visted just a month ago I couldn't stop coughing.

Now my brothers and parents are inconsiderate. Just before moving my brother SELLS my belongings (games, console). At this point I was so vexed about moving that I wasn't even mad at the fact that he sold my stuff but by the fact that he didn't even ask if I cared about those things. Actually, I didn't even know they were sold until weeks later.

I dont know what to do. My parents will never understand and it's not because they aren't capable of doing so, It's simply because they don't want to understand. My brothers don't care and instead disrespect me. Actually just a couple of days ago I was chilling with my friends and my brother attempts to diss me in front of them to get them to laugh. Now, he has a piss poor reputation and I let him slide with his unnecessary and asinine comment but what really pisses me off is that my mother tolerates it. This has happened several times before and whenever I complain Im the one blamed because I'm older.

August 22nd, 2017, 12:24 PM
Well first of all you are the child and your parents are the adults. If your dad and mom needed to move your family because of a better job opportunity or just who they work for needed them to move that has to be. You are part of a family and if the family moves you go with. I know it is harder on you being the oldest but things do happen and families move. You will make new friends and keep many of the ones from where you lived before. As far as your allergies see your doctor and maybe get on some different meds. You will soon adjust to your new home and be fine.

Just JT
August 23rd, 2017, 01:23 PM
That really blows. Moving away from your old friends sucks bad. I did it a like about 2.5 years ago. Was a really hard time, but I adjusted to it after some rough patches.

I'd try and talk to your parents and let them know how you feel, matry, and alone, just you and them. Not with your brothers. It may not change anything, but it'll show how their decisions impacted you, and without any consideration.

As for your brothers, sounds like there assholes to me. But there also younger. Hope that changes for you. Brothers are/should be good people. And if not, if mine did that to me, think I'd kick his ass. He deserves that at least. Then replace what he sold

August 29th, 2017, 11:13 PM
Why are your parents moving? There must be a reason. Maybe a new job, sick family member, asteroid hit your neighbourhood and everything within an 11 hr radius? Bottom line is that you are moving. I'm sure that it has to happen. It will be much easier to make new friends and embrace this after you get passed the fact that you are relocating.

Lets talk about this one issue at a time. We'll start with your allergies. Have you been to see a doctor about what can be done? Have you tried any simple over the counter drugs?

As far as you leaving your friends and you future plans goes you can keep up with your friends via social media, phone, text, write if you have no other choice. High school is only 4 years. If you want to go to college if your home town you could stay in residence.

This whole situation sounds very temporary to me. Try to concentrate on fixing your problems and not just grumbling about them.