View Full Version : Casual Shirts and Jeans

August 20th, 2017, 05:48 PM
I got sick of the hoodie/tracksuit look a while ago and i decided to change my look. Now most of the time i wear casual shirts with jeans or shorts. This look i feel is better and more grown up and people don't give me dirty looks like i used to get sometimes with the hoody look. But a lot of lads around my way are still wearing the hoodies and i do not see many ever wearing a shirt. Does any other boys here ever wear casual shirts or do you think this look is too old for me? i feel a lot more comfortable in shirts than i did in hoodies, i hate the stereotype and how people always think the worst of teenagers who wear them.

Just JT
August 23rd, 2017, 01:27 PM
I wear a casual shirt like a polo shirt to church and stuff. But other wise almost always a tshirt or shirtless. But I also wear hoodies if it's cooler out. And always shorts, or bathing suit. But mostly shorts. All year long

August 23rd, 2017, 02:24 PM
I like jeans and polos best. Living in farm country most boys do wear jeans or shorts. To me it's just more comfortable. Hoodies are worn in the fall when it's getting cold outside.

August 23rd, 2017, 07:08 PM
for school I mostly wear button down shirts, and shorts. have polo's too but don't wear them as much. jeans when it gets cold in the winter. tee shirts when out with friends on weekends. been dressing this way for several years, never got into the hoodie thing, it looks ridiculous here in Florida anyway unless it's January

August 23rd, 2017, 07:41 PM
yea tons of guys wear plenty of casual shirts, I know I do. I usually don't wear a hoodie unless it is going to be cooler