View Full Version : reporting?

August 20th, 2017, 01:21 AM
So I've ran across a few misplaced posts, advertisements for hackers and some other stuff on here before. When I report these things is it like a notification to the mods? Or do they have to go to the acp/mcp to get them..? Also when someone posts a visitor message and it says message is moderated does that mean that all visitor messages are verified by a person?

August 20th, 2017, 02:41 AM
yeah i'm pretty sure they get some sort of notification of any reported post

August 20th, 2017, 05:15 AM
All the mods get notified when you report a post.

When you send a VM and it says "this message is moderated" it means a mod has to approve it before the recipient sees it. This will continue until you have 250 posts and 3 months of membership.

August 20th, 2017, 09:31 AM
All mods can see reported content, even if they aren't a mod in that section. A mod then comments when they've dealt with the reported content.