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August 4th, 2017, 04:22 PM
The Harp

Tyler was in Ms. Burdick’s, the school counselor’s, office the third time that September afternoon. Ms. Burdick lectured, “You must make good choices, and be kind to your classmates.” His mind was wandering, and her voice blew by his ears like the wind of a fan in his face. Tyler’s mother passed away the summer of his 4th grade year, and it has left him in a fog. “What did you say”, Tyler blurted out, “Why did you say I need to sing with the harp and be blessed by the water fairy?” Ms. Burdick looked at Tyler’s surprised face and said, “I didn’t say that, have you lost your mind young man, have you been listening to anything I’ve said?” Embarrassed, Tyler sprung out of his chair with a tear in his eye, and ran home.
Out of breath, Tyler collapsed in the shadow of the pecan tree in his back yard. Mother had told him that she planted that tree the week of his birth, and that they would grow together. He wiped the tears from his eyes with his muddy fingers and made a mess of his face. His mind wandered back to a bedtime story and lullaby that his mother had told many times. He remembered the feeling of peace, falling asleep looking into her eyes. How did it go, he thought, mother would say “when you go to the clearing by the stream, and sing as the first light of dawn touches the morning mist, the magic harp and water fairy will appear.” Mother would sing the lullaby ♪♫ “do a good deed ♩♬ sing with the harp, ♪♭♬ and the water fairy will bless your heart.”
“I know that place” Tyler yelled, “I’m going there now!” He arrived at the magic spot to see if mother’s story is true. He stood in the clearing and sang with all his heart, but no harp or water fairy appeared. He yelled, “It’s just a story!” and started home with his head hanging low.
Whoooo hooooo, he could hear the train whistle blow. He looked up to see a golden lab puppy with its paw stuck in the tracks. Tyler bolted to the pup to dislodge it just in time to save its life. The pup licked the mud from Tyler’s tear stained face. “I’ll call you Rangel”, Tyler said to his pup, “Because I had to rangel you free from the tracks.”
Tyler took Rangel home and brought him upstairs to his room without telling his father. He snuck some leftovers to Rangel after dinner. Rangel yapped and played into the wee hours of the night, knocking things over and making a ruckus. Tyler didn’t know how he’d kept Rangel a secret, but he did know that there was no magic place in the forest, no harp or water fairy. Even so, he thought about the story as he fell asleep. He thought, the words of his mother’s story were “you must sing at the first light of dawn”, and the lullaby says, “do a good deed.” He’d saved Rangel and that’s a good deed, and if he could wake up before the sun comes up maybe he could arrive at the magic spot at dawn and try again.

Tyler felt he was too old to hope for such things, but he woke up early anyway and took Rangel with him. They stumbled through the dark together and stepped into the clearing. They arrived just as the first light of dawn touched the morning mist. Forming the words of the song in his mouth, at first just a whisper, then a little louder, he begun to see and hear the magic harp. So it’s true he thought, it’s really true. He filled his lungs with his mothers lullaby. ♪♫ do a good deed ♪♬ sing with the harp ♬♪ and the water fairy will bless your heart”, as he finished singing the water fairy rose up from the stream in a swirling rainbow. “I saw you here yesterday”, the fairies voice was as gentle as a babbling brook, “and I knew you needed one of my best blessings, so I sent you Rangel. I know your heart’s been aching so I put a twinkle of your mothers love in Rangel’s eyes.” The fairy said, “from now on when you look into Rangel’s eyes you will see your mothers love and you will finally find peace.” And with that the fairy disappeared leaving only a ripple in the still water of the pond.

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It's very well structured and well written. It's good.

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