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July 22nd, 2017, 09:40 AM
Ok... I`ve been wondering about this for a long time. In my country, Bulgaria, the laws are so strange, unfil and confusing. Here is my matter:
In some countries /is it?/ even having sex /even when isn`t a rape - both sides agree/ may be considered as a crime under a specific age. In Bulgaria, this age is 14, as from 14 to 18, parents of both sides should know and agree to be legal. What`s in your countrie?
Lets say it: children pornography is forbidden anywhere. With a very good reason - ok. But if a 16-year older makes photo of himself naked on his phone, is that a crime? Who is responsible, because the phone may be on his father`s name, despite being his in his family - the teen or the father? If he decides /absolutely himself/ to send that to his girlfriend, is this punishable as children porn distribution and who is supposed to be punished - him , her or his parents?
Ok. Stop questions. Here is a counterargument if all this up is done, and it is considered as illegal in countries all over the world:
All this stuff with forbidding teenagers under a specific age having sex is about decreasing and stopping children molestation, rapes, pedophilia, etc. Good. Even excellent. But this way the law restricts a human right /children and teenagers are humans, right?/ - to reproduce, to have sex, to pleasure themselves. The last one is right until you cross your rights and do it against the rights of other people. Ok - whose people`s rights do 2 teenagers doing it by their own will interfere? And another moral and ethical counter - aren`t 16-year olders old enough to think themselves? Everyone is born with a brain, let him use it himself. And another one, this time about if people, law, constitutions, etc think that teenagers aren`t developed and old enough - 18+ can drive, because people`s reactions under this age are slower, not developed enough and their responisbility, moral, and consciousness isn`t at the suitable level. And this is done to PROTECT them and other people from getting harmed. Who will 2 teenagers having sex harm, except their parents nerves /if they find out/. And even then its their family stuff. It isn`t public, is it? The reasons teenagers can`t participate in politics and votings are the same + the fact their eventual vote can easily be paid. At age of 13, nearly everyone becomes being capable of reproducing, and at 15-17, he/she is already sexualy fully developed. Why then they are not alowed to do that, when they are already capable of? Ok. If the laws allow teenagers having sex under a specific age, it will be a premise for increasing prostitution, rapes, pedophilia. But what bothers him and what hinders him even now an adult to find some more horny teens, who would have had sex if the law allowed, to ask them, pay them and then to video them? Both sides are happy - even the equalation is in +1. The adult is happy for having children porn, the teens are even twice happier than him - they pleasure themselves /they have wished that/ and they get free money. Nobody tells anyone, nobody uploads anything and this can continue hidden under the law`s nose forever.
What do you think about it? What`s in your country?

July 22nd, 2017, 11:22 AM
Most of the EU (including the UK) has the age of 16 as the age of consent and sex below that is technically illegal (consent laws are really complicated tbh) as well as 18 as the age of majority (when you have the legal right to make porn of yourself such as nudes etc). In these cases when it's made below that age, the child themself is legally at fault for making it. If they send it, it's another crime of distribution. Anyone who recieves it and doesn't immediately delete it (unless keeping it only to show the authorities) is commiting the crime of possession. It's a 'victimless' crime so no you can't saying it's 'hurting' anyone though the law is there to protect youths from the stupidity of their own actions as well as protect those who may be forced into it.

July 22nd, 2017, 07:21 PM
Where I am from the age of consent is 16. If too under age of 18 kids have sex it is no crime unless it is rape. Also if one person is under age and an older partner is more than 14 months or more older it can be a crime. If under age kids send nudes to each other it is not a crime but if an older person solicits nude pictures of underage kids it's a crime. Child pornography is always a crime.

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July 23rd, 2017, 04:33 PM
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