View Full Version : Trigger warning! This one is about games.

June 26th, 2017, 07:14 PM
I use to play them. My friend did too. So don't be to judgment on people who protisipate things like "cut buddies" or "self harm buddies" its a messed up "game" but people doing it don't know any better. Sadly.

The bad thing is these (and i say this varry loosely because there is nothing innocent about cutting while someone degades you. And then degrading them and watching them hurt them self till you say stop) "innocent" (in comparison) games can give rise to pure evil. Sadistic person who only degrades, punishes or demands. It can cause permanent issues. A self loathing person who has no self worth would only take the punishments they think they deserve.

Let not forget challenges... Blue Whale? Would Russian Rullet count? Choking game, that fire game, the knife game, ziptie challenge. SI buddies is scraping the just the top.

Sure some of the victims of blue whale are innocent because of the link thing.

And ofcorse alot of victims to the others listed can be narrowed down to stupidity. Trying to show off.

But honestly you git to wonder... How many people used these "games" if you can even call them that, as excuses.

I mean i did the cut buddies. I feel incredibly stupid for doing, and horrible for things ive done. I was na´ve, i let people talk me into it. Peer pressure I believe is more dangerous them bullying. Thats my opinion you can disagree. But honestly. Whats at the roote of all these games. Curiosity, intent, and the nail in the coffin is normally someone pushing another to do it too. Its not always the case but. Lets be honest. These challenges thought up with evil intentions are hurting and even killing people.

Im just being captain ovious.