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June 15th, 2017, 12:28 PM
Porn addiction is slowly becoming a national epidemic. People try to deny it, but almost every study find negative consequences related to porn use. This is especially so with teenagers and young adults, whose brains are much easier prone to addiction, especially of the sexual kind. Here is an article from a porn addiction site called "Your Brain on Porn" which has hundreds of articles and scientific studies detailing the dangers of porn addiction.
Many studies on adolescents report porn use is related to such factors as poorer academics, more sexist attitudes, more aggression, poorer health, poorer relationships, lower life satisfaction, viewing people as objects, increased sexual risk taking, less condom use, greater sexual violence, greater sexual coercion, less sexual satisfaction, lower libido, greater permissive attitudes, and a whole lot more.
As you can see there are numerous negative consequences of porn use. And don't think you are safe because you don't watch porn all the time. This can easily happen to people who only watch porn once a day, or even less than that. As listen above, there are a plethora of problems related to porn use. It decreases mental sharpness, increase sexism, lowers quality of life, and reduces sexual drive. One thing that I think would be very concerning to guys, is that even casual porn use can result in a much higher chance of ED (erectile dysfunction) than non-porn users. Since the rise of internet porn, ED rates have skyrocketed by nearly 1000% in young men. Do you really want to gamble with your sexual ability by continuing porn addiction?

Here is a short life story from a guy who had a porn problem.
I started looking at Internet porn when I was 11. I immediately became hooked, and spent hours daily viewing porn. Simply seeing a pair of exposed breasts was enough to get me off. But desensitization soon kicked in, and I began developing fetishes to get the same hit from porn. It started out with different ethnicities, then lesbians, then watersports, then scat/beastiality/BDSM/tranny, and then any combination of the above to create the sickest porn imaginable. I can remember sitting in school fantasizing about sick porn that I could search for that night.
I can imagine that is some of you. First any slight nudity could do it for you, then you needed full skin, then you needed more "suggestive" acts being done, then you needed a certain niche, and so on. Porn use ultimately numbs your brain to sexual attraction, as you have been so exposed to it as it doesn't "do it" anymore. Here is another two stories about how that affected some people's relationship.
When I was 18, I had sex for the first time. When she said she was "down all the way", I ran to the nearest store to pick up condoms like I had the Reaper chasing me. After the deed, my thoughts were, "Hmm...it didn't feel that much different from masturbation, and it required a hell of a lot more work! Meh, I'll stick to porn and not bother with a girlfriend."
My thoughts EXACTLY. Just back pain, muscle strain, breathlessness, sweatiness and performance anxiety. MUCH less stress to just crack one off, plus you got your own 'Iron Fist' that gets you off better than that real vagina. Not only that, you always get a 'good visual' with a 'porn girlfriend.' You can see all those beautiful body contours in perfect lighting, breasts n' butts n' thighs look glorious, and *always* visible. In real life that's rarely the case. The first time I did it, I didn't truly enjoy it (even though we both came a lot). My first time should've felt like a TRIUMPH, given how 'successful' it was, but it felt artificial. It was then I KNEW there was perhaps something a tad wrong. The sex in my *mind* always seemed sexy and enjoyable. The *real* sex I had was primarily industrial and unexciting. Not good.
You can see the obvious problems with their relationships. And these people were likely just regular teens, like most of you. Here is a video with the founder of "Your Brain on Porn" that goes into this in greater detail, and better than I could explain it.
Here is his site, which lists and details hundreds of studies regarding porn use. (https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/about-us) You should be able to find all sources there if you wish.

Here is another site, which lists more details about porn addiction and a help-forum to get over it. (https://www.nofap.com/)

If are questioning if you have a porn addiction, and if it is affecting your life negatively, then there is a simple test. Take two months of no pornography, and at the end of those two months look to see if how your life has been bettered without it. Summer break would be the perfect time to do it. If you can't last for two months, or if you realize that your life has been bettered without porn, then you likely have/had a porn addiction.

(Sorry for the clickbait title, but I feel this is the best way to get the most porn users to read this thread.)

June 16th, 2017, 07:40 AM
Certainly interesting. I don't think I've actually watched any for over 2 months so can safely say I'm not addicted XD