View Full Version : Armed suspect robs convenience store, gets shot by every customer inside

June 13th, 2017, 11:08 PM
So this isn't really big news, but I saw it on Reddit and thought it was pretty good. It should be noted that the article includes two videos of the ordeal going down. It shows the robber getting shot and falling down, but you don't see any blood or anything. It's graphic, but not gruesome or anything.

A hapless thug picked the wrong convenience store to rob in Brazil recently. Inside the store were four off-duty plain clothes police officers carrying concealed weapons.

Surveillance footage from inside the store shows the criminal was shot multiple times during the robbery on May 31st.

The footage shows the suspect, wearing a white shirt and a motorcycle helmet, enter the store and produce a handgun.

One of the cops took cover behind a display shelf and drew his service revolver. A 2nd camera angle shows the same officer fire 2-3 shots at the robber who dropped his gun on the floor. As the wounded suspect went for his gun he was shot by the other officers.

The suspect collapsed on the floor where he lay motionless.

The cop who initially shot the suspect then ran to the door to see if he the suspect had accomplices.

It isnít clear if the robber survived his injuries.


June 16th, 2017, 06:26 PM
I think we have another candidate for the "Darwin Awards".