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June 12th, 2017, 04:49 AM
Warning: this might become way too long. I really need to gather my thoughts. Thanks for your patience

My best friend, who i have known since i was five, has been acting strange lately. It started a few months ago with her skipping meals because she said she 'wasn't hungry'. i think that threath's passed, as she doesn't seem to be losing any weight and i've seen her eating cookies and stuff like that. Around the same time though she began to adopt a very pessimistic outlook on things. There were days where all she did was sit and quitely do her work, not speaking to anyone when it wasn't absolutely nesessary. When she did speak it was always in a very monotonous sort of voice. Then there were other days where she seemed to be quite normal again, it's kind of confusing.
What worries me at the moment is that she keeps making jokes about suicide and depression. She talks and eats (but still doesn't bring lunch to school), but keeps giving off hints that she might be depressed. I don't know whether i should take it seriously or not. I've asked her a couple times, but she always gives a half answer and then changes the subject.
It bothers me that she won't open up to me. We've been friends for ten years, we used to be able to talk about anything, but she's really changed.
Just being friends with her has also become harder than it should. I consider myself to be a fairly optimistic person, and i can't stand how she's become a constantly flowing source of negativity.
loyalty prevents me from putting a stop to our friendship right away. I want to help her, but she won't tell me what's wrong, and her pessismism is driving me crazy.

So here's what i want to know:
1. How do i find out if she's really depressed?
2. How do i get her to open up to me?
3. How do i deal with her attitude?
4. How do i help her?

If you read all this: thank you so much. And please help, i need answers, or i guess just a place to pour my heart out.

June 12th, 2017, 06:28 AM
I don't whether I can really help you but at least I try.
I suffer from major depression over prolonged periods of time and I know how tiresome this could be for my friends.

You cannot really make someone to open to you bugging someone might just make them more irritated scare them away and close themselves off from others even more.
Sure I cannot speak for others but for me the constant who are you doing? What's wrong with you? Questions burden me a lot during times when even getting up and getting ready for school seems hard work to me.

Sure you can try to have some serious talk with her. Tell her Yorkshire concerns but don't really expect an immediate answer. It is not easy to admit something might be wrong and that one needs help.

So just be there, stay a friend, don't treat her different.

I can tell you that if she really has depression staying friends will require hard work from your side. Since she really can't help her attitude then and you have to accept it.
So think about it if you really sure you will go through that with her since I can guarantee you that you will be hurt in one way or other.


June 12th, 2017, 07:25 PM
Usually someone who talks bout killing
themselves r capable of doing so. I would
continue to b friends with her and let her
open up to u. Just u listening maybe will
ease the depression she is going through.