View Full Version : Policy wise how do we move forward?

June 3rd, 2017, 01:42 PM
This is a discussion and debate thread to talk about the modern era of security policy for both private companies and governmental policies of many collaborating nations with differing cultures and laws on what is and isn't appropriate (I.e..where you can be touched on the body, what part of bodies need to be covered, what is and isn't okay for search and seizure).

1. What also if enacted is realistically helpful versus theoretically helpful I security based on evidence? Is one train of thought to keep in mind as we discuss.

2. What is the trade off on civilian liberty as we add security policies and actions in place? And is it worth it? If you aren't saying it's worth it, are we speaking from a perspective of someone who has lost a loved one to human violence or are we grandstanding without having experienced such a loss, just be sensitive to that too.

I expect this thread to be a heated debate, but it must follow forum rules of respect and I WILL contact mods if I feel my thread is getting too "ad hominum"ish meaning we're berating other people's points of view on baseless insults and name calling.

Thank you

Please discuss, as I think we are all a bit anxious about the times we live in, and many of us know someone affected by human violence and terror either on campuses, shopping areas, or concert venues.