View Full Version : effects cannabis can do

Reece L
May 30th, 2017, 06:05 PM
this is helping people who smoked a joint, feel strange next day.i

i used to be a heavy smoker. very heavy. cannabis CAN have withdraw symptoms.

1 called derealization....so, whats this? its a feeling, that can last weeks, months, even for life. its a feeling tha everything is fake, and everything is nasty. the ground seems 40%huge then its supposed to.

this can cause death, and, suicide. the feelings are nasty, some will say its not real. it is. it effects some, it wont effect everyone.

2 pounding hear rate for no reason. this feeling causes extreme weakness feelings. and causes people to collapse and even have a cardiac arrest because there heart is beating to fast.

3 high blood pressure, from the anxiety from the feeling you have. high blood pressure causes heart disease. and causes heart attacks. your blood pressure sure will be sky high, again, this causes anxiety, meaning heart pounds, and your freak out, which can cause your blood pressure to spike so high your heart stops beating. high blood pressure can also cause heart failure which 99% of the time goes unnoticed because they rarely have symptoms/ high blood pressure can go unnoticed. until its to late for you.

ive had this feeling for 3 months and its getting better. ive blacked out 6 times because of it. drugs effect the mind and state. dont do any drug. you may feel fine but some people wont. this rarely stays for life, but my freind has had this feeling for 1 half years years.

this is a post of education. not promoting drugs, also legal highs are extremely deadly. dont use them.