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May 14th, 2017, 11:28 PM
So here's a story of when I used to use LSD. It's a terrible drug and is really not worth trying, anyway heres my story.

So I guess it's September 2015, I was 15, and after careful research I decided to purchase some LSD off the internet! Took like 2 weeks to ship, but man I wasn't ready when it came. Turns out my parents decided to just go ahead and open the 'suspicious' letter from Amsterdam (of course) and they called me downstairs to look at it. My dad held up the 10 strip acid blotter paper and was examining it, they thought it was some type of stamp with some posion in it or something. Anyway I know theirs only one thing to do, I slowly get close to the letter and my dad and I time it right so I am able to snatch the letter from him, and I run outside. I hide the letter in my pants and come back inside after 20 minutes and tell them i disposed of the letter and I was nervous if it was posion I wanted it outside the house. They bang on my door all night and figure it was drugs and I went out to sell it to someone for the 20 minutes I was gone. The next day, I hide the letter well and go to school, but I'm just depressed that they opened the letter and don't trust me anymore. I get home, feeling shitty, and decide that I want to 'escape from reality' for a little while by taking some acid, so I pop a tab and lie in my bed. I also prop a pathetic mattress against my door so no one can come in. It takes a half hour to start, but then I can feel it. I remember one of the first things I noticed, I look at my black phone case and I start to imagine in great visual detail a cowboy riding a horse, to the point where I could basically see it. That made me feel happy. Anyway I was watching GMM on either my first or second trip, and I just remember seeing Links face stretch for miles and their faces were so funny looking. Then I decided to take my photo on my phone and look at my eyes, when I am surprised to see that I already have about 25 photos of myself already on my phone, turns out I had a little amnesia and kept forgetting I already took photos of myself, it was pretty funny but so creepy lol. And then time broke, 1 minute would take hours to go by but an hour could go by and I wouldn't even realize it. I took the LSD at 2:30, my mom got home at 4. It seemed like time was speeding up and I remember my mom coming home suddenly and she made so much noise. She knocked on my door and I didn't respond, I was afraid I would say something crazy. Anyway an hour passed, and I try to sleep. This is where things got crazy. I kept feeling my body seemingly vibrate, and I was convinced that my parents could hear my body vibrate from downstairs and they kept saying, "Is he on drugs, I think he's on drugs". I was convinced they knew I was on drugs, but I had a sliver of uncertainty and just stayed in bed. I was playing Greenday's American Idiot Album on repeat, man it was great, you can feel music on LSD and it was calming. Next thing I know my mom opens the door and the mattress blocking it just falls over. My moms in my room but Im just standing tryig to hide my face, not saying a word. She thinks Im just giving her the silent treatment because of yesterdays incident. She sits in my bed, I lay down next to her with the Greenday still playing. She talks a bit and then asks, "oh is this 80s music? i like it" and we listen to the music together, this bit of comfort after all the craziness I was experiencing just felt amazing. Then she left my room and I went back to thinking they knew I was on drugs. I become confused as to why my parents aren't banging on my door yelling at me for taking drugs. I even texted my dad and said, "stop" as to get him to stop yelling at me but he just responded with "what" and then I was like, "you know what". I go on omegle and ask, "Hey am i vibrating?" I felt like I was vibrating so hard I was shaking the house. But they said I wasn't. Hmm... perhaps I'm not vibrating. My dad walks up the stairs and knocks on my door, what could he have to say, he simply asks me if I would like to go fishing tomorrow and then goes to bed. I then realize that they weren't yelling at me all that time, and I wasn't vibrating. Everything was fine, and I wasn't in trouble. The next day my parents acted like nothing happened, and I knew they didn't know what I had done. About a week later I took two tabs, but I ended up falling asleep for some of it, which is supposedly impossible, and I really don't remember it all that well. That was the first time I tried LSD, basically I was able to visualize things extremely detailed, time was distorted, I had amnesia (which led to thought loops), and I had extreme paranoia. This drug can be fun at times, but the paranoia destroys you and its not worth taking.

May 23rd, 2017, 06:30 PM
See it depends. Not trying to give you shit but you didnt take the drug in the correct place. You need to take it when you're completely chill and know you're not gonna get caught. Honestly don't know how you didn't have a properly bad trip from your parents being there, I know I would. I'm buying sheets of acid soon for the summer I've always wanted to try it, and I'm not taking it unless my parents are out of the house, and my girlfriends trip sitting me. LSD isn't a drug to be fucked with