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April 20th, 2017, 10:28 PM
I realize most of the frequent members of VT may not know me, and that's okay. Just know I was very active here for quite some time and still drop in from time to time.

Since the my golden age of VT I've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Every day is a challenge. I physically shake and hiccup, my mind races, recently I've started crying a lot. But guess what, I'm in college. My dream one actually, and I'm finishing my first year. The person I am now is so different than who I was. She's easily excitable and joyful but then sad and scared, I can go through this cycle of emotions atleast 4 times a day. But it's worth it. Anxiety sucks. It makes me want to self harm, and stop eating, and dye my hair, and withdraw from all my friends, but I don't. And in time I'll figure it out how to permanently push these urges from my mind.

There's no rush to try to make everything perfect. There are resources to help and things do get better. There is no shame in admitting you can't do things alone.

Anxiety tries to pull you apart through your own concern, but the strongest people can turn it into something manageable and even helpful.

Stay strong and know it does get better, even if you feel like your world is falling apart everyday it may just be falling together.

April 21st, 2017, 12:26 PM
well i don't know if it is possible to get rid of the thoughts but it is possible to learn how to deal with them better and be happy. I hope you achieve that and never give up. ��