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April 15th, 2017, 01:50 PM
As you have probably heard, no two people are identical, and this is especially true when it comes to exercise. If you've ever been to a gym or gym class-this one most people probably have-, you will notice that there are diffrences right away. The person who no matter how hard can't burn weight, the person who can't put on any muscle, or the person who puts on muscle like it's breathing to them. While of course most people won't fall into one neatly as described, there is a reason for this. The ectomorph,endomorph, and mesomorph.
The person who can't put any weight on. On this side of the spectrum, you have people who are naturally very skinny and have hard time putting on weight. The reason for this, is due to their high metabolism.They are in luck when losing weight, but putting on weight or muscle is a challenge. Diet wise they will have to eat more to sate their metabolism, though this should not be junk food but more healthy foods to help the body.Exercising for them is hard though. Seeing as they are built to stay skinny. Exercise should at first be simple and easy, as to not hurt yourself. This group has the difficulty of having to get their bodies ready for normal exercises. This dosen't mean you can only do five push ups, but you will likey have to clock out sooner than others at first. After you have gotten your body used to exercise, then you can start the more intensive exercising. You still aren't the strongest in the room, but normal exercises aren't as big of hurdles as they once were. This body type isn't horrible but not the greatest to start out with.

The person who is struggling to lose weight. On the other side of the spectrum, people can easily put on weight.This body type is naturally heavier due to a slower metabolism. This means dieting and harder exercise are needed to lose weight and buld muscle. For diet less is more for this group. They should stay off junk food and lean towards smaller-not small- servings than an ectomorph or mesomorph. This will cause the body to burn fat instead of packing it on. For exercise you need to be careful at first due to potential excess weight making it easier to get hurt. though once you are able to move more smoothly then intensify your exercise. This body type is great for bodybuilidng. IT isn't horrible to have like before but also won't top the list on best to have.

The person who putting on muscle is like breathing to them. They are naturally able to put on muscle and lose weight. This is due to having a metabolism that is higer than an endo, but lower than an ecto. Dieting should stay off junk food, and eat slightly higher rations than an endo. They will have the trouble of putting on weight at any point of their lives-unless extremely sick-, due to the metabolism. So in childhood and time spent not exercising, this group will likely mesh with the ecto. While exercisng though, they are obviously on their own level. For them exercise need to be varied, this group gets a head start in putting on muscle but has the difficulty of continuing due to how fast their muscle builds compared to the other two. Generally thi body type is the one who is in shape, but not body builder.

How to determine
Unfortunately this one is less clean cut, and more messy. So it usually is hard to determine until you hit the gym. Some say putting you finger and thumb around your wrist and if it overlaps-ecto-,dosen't meet-endo-, or touches but dosen't overlap-meso-. Can be used to determine it. (Note:any contributions to this one are appreciated)

Body shape guys
Now that you know your type of body, what about your shape? Well it's actually very easy for males. There is fewer body types for guy's rather than girls. There is square,oval,triangle, trapezoid, and inverted triangle-I'll be calling this one V for simpplicity's sake-. Also don't ignore certain aprts of the body cause they don't need as much focus on. This will lead to an unbalanced body over time.
This body shape is essentailly what it sounds like a square, weight is distributed in such a way that it looks like a square. Generally you have no reason to work out any reigon to slim it down unless you want to. Since you chest,waist, and hips are all about the same size, it is easier to shape your body with exercises than say an oval or triangle.
This body type usually puts on weight mostly on their waist. This body shape will also tend to be more stocky making it harder to shape. Exercising the waist is important if you want to appear slimmer with this body shape.
This body shape tends to out of proportion. With your lower half quickly putting on weight faster than your upper half. Exercising should be done to keep the body in balance as much as possible. Also working out your chest is vital if wanting to balance out your body.
This body shape is considered to be the best proportioned out of all of them. Having their upper torso being bigger than the lower half and narrower hips. Exercise to shape this type isn't needed, but to keep it, somewhat needed.
V-inverted triangle-
This group is considered to be top heavy. Having naturally biger shoulders and chest rather than bigger hips or waist. In fact their waist an hips are probably the narrowest naturally. If wanting to shape this then focusing more on your lower half than top half is reccomended. This one also has the nickname of beign the athlete due to it being the one most athletes strive for.
Body Shape for Girls
Some girls will know their body shape due to society. Though thier is a wide range of shapes for girls unlike guys. Those including, apple/rounded,pear, hourglass, diamond, triangle, inverted triangle, and rectangle. Also just cause there are parts to focus on dosen't mean to ignore other parts.
This body type mainly struggles with fat on the upper half of thier body. Namely the waist and chest. For this body type an exercise style that slms down your upper half while bringing you lower half up to balance this body type out.
This body type is heaviest on the hips with the waist being the least heavy and chest being the second most. This body types goals and exercise should focus on slimming the lower half while helping the upper half. This type is probably the easiest to manipulate into an hourglass.
This body type is the same as the male's square. They have weight evenly distributed everywhere. The workout for this body type would be to shape the body if wanted.
This body type has more weight on the midsection than others. While not as bad as an apple, it still could need slimming down. Thier workout should focus on the midsection and building up th elower and upper half.
Similar to the male body shape triangle, this body type packs weight on in their hips. Making the need to find a workout to slim the lower half while making the upper half larger.
Inverted triangle
Similar to the male inverted triangle tthis body type is top heavy and needs workouts that will slim the upper half and make the hips appear larger.
Considered to be the most attractive female body type, this one has weight distributed to the upper and lowe half of the body with less in the waist. Exercises should be done to maintain this body shape.
Okay so you know what your body type is and your shape, now what about BMI. The BMI is a way to measure your weight compared to your height. NOTE:This does not take into account bone mass, so if you have bigger bones and your bones are above average, then ask a doctor, if they say you seem to be helathy, then ignore the BMI. You have to take your wieght and height-obviously- and put them together. This will give you a number, and depending on that number, you are over,under or perfectly in the range for your height. Also, as a teen, this is not as accurate as with the adults. So do use this with a grain of salt.
While of course their are clothing tools which shape the body. We aren't going over those, this is about physical exercises. These exercises are used to help shape your body by burning fat and building muscle. There are of course limits to such exercises, seeing as that you can't really expect to fully change your body-naturally-. Shaping usually helps to balance and bring out the best with body shapes. Also these exercises aren't like ,carry a 100lb bag up 50 flights of stairs. In all actuality, most exerises we do are minor shapers in a way. Though each group has it's own style it needs to shape itself.

If there are any suggestions for something to add, or edit please post them. Also do you want pictures on certain parts or not? For example celebirites that are certain body types? I want this to be as helpful as possible to people. I would've posted exercises but that could've coplicated things, and also the fact each person needs their own personal workout.