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April 14th, 2017, 01:13 PM
Hey guys,

I was kinda thinking of shaving "down there". Are there any disadvantages or advantages of shaving pubic hair? Is it normal for straight guys to shave their pubes?

Also, what type of razor is best? All I have is a razor from Dollar Shave Club.

Thanks and I appreciate all of your help?

April 14th, 2017, 01:29 PM
Shaving I find very uncomfortable when it is growing out the first week (it itches a lot). Trimming with scissors does the job for me.

April 14th, 2017, 02:46 PM
Hey straight guys shave and trim. Manscaping is normal. I trim all once or twice an month and shave balls and around about once or twice a week.
Check out http://gillette.ca/en-ca/shaving-tips/manscaping/pubic-hair-shaving.

April 14th, 2017, 04:43 PM
I don't because of irritation, but straight guys do it all the time.
I watched a TV show once so I know a bit about this ��
The pubes can be used as a cushion when you're having sex, to lessen the impact of when you slam against the other person, so that's an advantage of keeping them.
If you shave them, pubic lice will have nothing to grab onto, but I suppose it's rare you'll be in that situation unless you don't pick your partners carefully

Bikini Boy
April 15th, 2017, 04:25 AM
It isn't a "gay" or "straight" thing...it's about personal preference. I'm prefer being totally smooth and I am gay, but I also have straight friends who shave their pubic and body hair.
I use Venus disposable razors with the wide lubricating strips for less irritation.

April 15th, 2017, 07:09 AM
Definitely normal for straight guys to shave. Advantages, I think a shaven dick looks cleaner but disadvantages it does tend to get a little itchy

April 17th, 2017, 12:47 AM
personal preference thing

April 17th, 2017, 01:13 AM
It's up to the person in question. Totally normal for straight guys to shave. I have lived both ways, quite hairy and now not. I prefer the shaven look. It's cleaner to my eye, and I like the smooth look and feel. Shaved is also nice for exercising, you don't get sweat and dirt and stuff trapped in the hair. Any razor would work, I suppose. I use an old fashioned razor, with one of those flat blades that screw in. I keep from getting itchy by not wearing tight underwear clothes or for a while after shaving. If the hair is long, TRIM IT BEFORE SHAVING. It'll save you a lot of itchiness and ingrown hair. Use scissors or an electric trimmer.