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April 7th, 2017, 10:41 PM
:( hey guys so i lost my virginity to this guy i hooked up with...honestly the choice is besides the point. im just scared i have stds it was one day ago and i have really bad anxiety and truthfully feel im blowing this up. he made me comfortable he knew it was my first time and was very gentle throughout the experience. im gay 18yr old male. we didn't do anal, the worst thing we did was he ate my ass, i gave him a blowjob and we jacked off and engaged in some frottage. we used condoms on everything and we changed every time we engaged in a new activity. i honestly no in my heart i didnt catch anything but tbh idk and wont the doctors tell my mom if i take the text. ive never been this scared and ive been through some stuff in my life. what should i honestly do...oh also i truly asked the guy if he had anything and he continued to reassure me he didnt and he wouldnt put me in a situation like this...i kno people lie....and thats why im scared...

Just JT
April 8th, 2017, 10:47 AM
Ok first just take a deep breath and relax ok?

Although there is always a risk, seems you used precautions very well. I'll also say that it's a very low risk to catch something through swallowing semen. But still a risk. There's also a risk just from having a penis in your mouth, regardless. Some std's can live on the genetitelia itself. So good job there.

On him rimming you, all I can say is use good personal hygeine practices before, it's just common curtiousy is all.

So chances you caught something I think is very very slim. But you are free to ask yiur dr to be tested. He'll advise as needed

And no he can not talk to yiur rents cause of any of this. Your 18 and are protected under federal laws Halle's HIPPA. Google it, he can not tell them or anyone jack shit with out yiur permission

So relax, and call your dr and talk to him

AND also. Sex is an awesome thing, I hope you enjoyed it, seems he was a good guy to you. Don't feel bad or anything aboutbwhat you did. It's normal health behavior. Just be careful ok? Talk to him to, about how you feel, be open and honest, he'll understand. Perhaps he was tested recently, and will willingly share those results with you

While with your dr you might wana ask about going on PREP. Ask him about it, he'll explain how that works

Good luck, be safe, relax, be happy

April 10th, 2017, 02:40 PM
you're 18...so no, anything you do with or tell the doctor is your own business. They can only tell your parents or guardians if you give them permission.

April 19th, 2017, 11:48 AM
If you're this worked up about it, you should get tested to calm your nerves. And everyone is right, you're 18 so the doctor can't and won't talk to anyone.
And while you have had sex, I don't think you've lost your virginity. I believe there has to be some penetrative sex for that to happen and you said you didn't. I know that's not what you're worried about right now, but it could still be useful information. Good luck!

Oh, I just noticed the date you posted this thread. It was almost 2 weeks ago. Did you get checked?

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