View Full Version : How can I keep mysef busy?

March 9th, 2017, 03:44 PM
I've been looking into activities that have my interests but it's either not in my state or requires something I don't have. I would join clubs at my school but I hate school and want to stay far away from the building as possible. I only want to be present when it's school hours. My mom made the claim that school would help me be happier, but it hasn't, as I predicted. People are mean and stick to their groups of friends, so there's no one who I consider a friend at my school. Maybe a buddy or two, but that's it. I'm a huge loner. When I'm not hanging out with my friend (we don't go to the same school) I am stuck in the house bored to death. Not good for my depression. I would really like to get out more but I don't know what to do or where to start. I feel like I have no life, which is most likely true. I'm 14, so I don't have a car to take myself places, I'm dependent on my parents for transportation but my dad is in another state and my mom is either too tired or working. I used to hang out with my peers in my neighborhood but they ditched me long after (I don't know why) and I never felt like I belonged with them, anyway, so I no longer go outside in my neighborhood. That usually kept me occupied and happy. But now it's like, what do I do? I'm looking into future jobs and volunteering. And I would love to do ballet but I guess they don't teach beginners ballet to teens???? My mom says that usually ballet is taught young, so that's why. I don't know. I need something to do before I go crazy.

Just JT
March 10th, 2017, 04:04 PM
I think by avoiding school your not meeting new people and might present as someone others don't wana know or hang out with. Whether you come across as a loner or a trouble maker idk. Just saying

I'm sure the school has activities and clubs you could join and enjoy. May not be your first choice of ballet, but drama perhaps....

I'd give it a try, just try it and see how it goes for a while. Talk to a guidance counselor about stuff. They'll know where to send you for stuff that you may be interested in. You may need to be more open minded and accepting about some things. Like people. It takes time for others to become accustomed to you and chilaxe around you.

So give it a try ok?