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February 13th, 2017, 07:25 AM
Recently I've really found myself into New Wave and Soviet New Wave as well, So I decided to make a post about it for you fellas. This topic is kinda an experiment, if it'd become popular, then I'd write something more and will add some more songs.
1) Alyans - "Na Zare" (1987)
This song is the most popular song made by Alyans. Also, it's one of the soundtracks for film "Hardcore Henry"
You probably know what the USSR is and about KGB too. Well, even though most New Wave songs didn't had anything against Communism, bands were still under pressure of KGB.
2) Strannye Igry - Solntse Vstaet Nad Gorodom Lenina // Igry - Solntse Vstaet (1989 or 1994?)
There are less information about Strannye Igry in the Internet. However, I've found a cover by Joanna Stingray (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joanna_Stingray), who is known for popularising post-Soviet rock music in the US.
3) Notchnoï Prospect - Okh (1986)
Notchnoï Prospect is one of the first industrial project in the USSR. In 80s their were the most innovative band in this genre and audition usually just didn't understood the band as they were tuned for classic rock music.
4) Bio (ex Bioconstuctor) - Technoromantiki (1992)