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February 13th, 2017, 07:24 AM
Ok, so this is kind of a double edged sword, so ill just lay it out up here before i start rambling:

part 1: Being confronted

part 2: confronting parents

ok so here we go this might be long but ill try to be brief

part 1: about a few months ago when i was at my friends house, which i had just worked up the courage to go to (friends house post to explain that). It was my friends birthday so no matter how 3rd wheelie or sad i felt i had to go and be a good friend. At about 1:00 in the morning when his parents had gone to sleep, they decided it would the the perfect time to confront me on my harm, which i have been doing less of. rhey sat me down and talked about it till around 2:30, when i decided i that i didn't want to hear their crap and they had no idea what i was going through. so i went to bed, and when i woke up earlie loke 5 ish, they were all there and they decided one more time to confront me because idk maybe they were bored and decided: Hey! lets go torture cody till he jumps out the window and runs into the woods. anyways, i would really like aomeonw to tell me how ixahould handle being confronted, what i should say , etc.

part 2: i would like to confront my parenrs on my probl3ms with cutting and depression. help me with that if you would plz.

Just JT
February 13th, 2017, 12:00 PM
I'm a little confused. Did your friends confront you?
And why do you want to confront your parents?

Seems like even if you dont know/like it there your friends and care about you. If younthinkmyour parents told the, so they confront you.....idk I feel parent would do that. But I'll bet your friends already knew anyways.

February 13th, 2017, 03:54 PM
Both situations aren't really easy to give a real advice from am outsider's point of view.

Part 1:
Your friends know about your self-harm if I understood correctly? So they wanted to talk to you about what? They wanted you to explain why? They wanted to talk you into stopping? It's not clear from what you described. How you should react? It depends on how you want to. You could tell them you don't want to talk about this subject with them and they should not bother you further about it. Stay calm and polite, don't get aggressive or anything...that's about the best option you have if you don’t wanna talk about this issue.
Or, if you think they are really interested and you are prepared to open up to them you should just describe what reasons you have for doing it and describe your feelings...I'd only do the latter if I really trusted that people in question.
It's rather abstract I know but everyone has to find the right words in the individual situation for themselves.

Part 2:
I always find it kinda sad if someone has to look for a way to communicate with their parents as they don't pick up that there is some sort of problem and bring it up themselves. From posts you made in the past I figure that you and your father don't get along so maybe you should explain how you feel to your mother first and you explain it together to your father? Just an idea. I would start by telling them how you feel...what those things are that make you feel bad and depressed. And that you harm yourself for that the reason, as a means of get rid of some pressure or whatever reason you have. Explain what you need help with and what you want them to support you with. Again I can't really give you the right words since I don't know enough about the whole situation.

February 20th, 2017, 11:08 PM
ok Peanut_, my friends xonfronted me, and i would like to let my parwnts know whats up to, the peoblem is, i don't really have a reason that i self harm, i just kind of lie to myself i do. i just do it and don't rhink. :( my friends wanted to know the purpoae yes, but also tocget me to stop, but at the same time i felt like thet were just ising me as their own personalctoy to play with when they were bored and i decided not toctell my parents, aince they probably dont xare so disregard that..

February 20th, 2017, 11:10 PM
id talk to u both more about it if u wanna help me, since i trust both of you just a p.s.

February 21st, 2017, 10:02 AM
you can talk to us here whenever you want and feel ready either here or via pm

Just JT
February 21st, 2017, 11:14 AM
Thanks for explaining better. I think I understand more.
So your friends, you think they "confronted" you for their own entertainment?
Hmm, maybe, but I don't really think a group of "friends" would conversation like that to do that to you. I think they might of talked about it and confronted you outa concern and not understanding about it. Maybe cause you felt you had to explain something to them they didn't understand and had their attention, made you feel that way....but no, I think they care.....

And I think you might know that, or at least know they are concerned, it made you feel uncomfortable. That's why you called for a ride.

The mom n dad part, idk enough about all that with you. I do know parents can be some kinda fucked up. But if your parents got up at that time and picked you up no questions asked????
Well yeah, they care, or else they wouldn't of picked you up. And they probably just figured it's something you'll share with them when your ready.

Maybe you are and maybe your not. And I'm ok with taking with you to if it helps. Me Ant Peanut_ talk a lot, we know each other quite well. I'm fine and open to that anyway either one of you wana
Just let me know ok?