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February 11th, 2017, 03:17 PM
Since last year I've caught on to some type of eating disorder, I've binged a lot. It hasn't occurred to me until now that it could be a problem. I seeked some help online on another website after an upsetting binge episode. People who commented were quite passive, saying how it was weird or crazy for binge eating to be a disorder and even some guy saying "It's just b*tches getting/being fat. Stop. Problem solved" and other similar comments and how I was looking for attention. They made me feel dumb for seeking help and now I'm just embarrassed and feel like I shouldn't worry. Honestly, I was quite surprised by my feedback. Even my boyfriend didn't seem to listen when I told him that I ate two whole bags of donuts in one sitting, to the point of discomfort, loss of control, and an urge to throw up. He was saying how I was hungry but didn't know it and I argued and stated that I wasn't even hungry. That I felt out of control and helpless. But he shrugged it off as hunger.
I would see a doctor but I'm ashamed. My mom has been wary of this and I think she wouldn't be surprised if she found out, since she knows already how I think of myself as fat.
I just feel dumb, especially since I don't have a diagnosis.

February 11th, 2017, 04:33 PM
The internet is probably the ABSOLUTE WORST place to go looking for support or advice about eating disorders, aside from a few places. Obviously people here on VT try to be understanding and kind, but I imagine even some people here have said some inappropriate things in the past.
Don't waste your time with forums, or any site that allow other users (or anonymous people) to leave comments. Inevitably you will run into the basement dwelling internet troll who is just waiting for an opportunity to knock you down and say something cruel.

Stick to medically based sites that have articles written by actual doctors and health professionals.

You need to go see a doctor, and you shouldn't feel ashamed. If you want help, they will be able to put you on a path to hopefully get yourself well. Binging and purging is absolutely unhealthy and in the long run and can cause many different health issues.