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February 8th, 2017, 09:22 AM
I just nearly died from what was meant to be self-harm. I overdosed and called myself an ambulance. By the time the ambulance came I was already unconcious, and I had to be mechanically ventilated by the ambulance crew. I was rushed to A&E where I was put in an induced coma and had drugs pumped through my body for the next 48 hours. When I finally woke up I was hallucinating and remember very little of what happened until yesterday.

I've overdosed many times, ending up in hospital 4 times before but none where as serious as this. I nearly died. I pushed my body right to the limit of what it could stand. I'm so shocked at myself. I really didn't want to die.

Just JT
February 9th, 2017, 01:41 PM
If you didn't want to kill yourself then why I'd you do that?
Not judging just trying to understand is all. Did you try to comit suicide then change your mind ?

February 9th, 2017, 02:26 PM
Oh dear, why would you even do such a thing to yourself? :( i used to harm myself just a little bit, it was kind of my "last resort" to make myself feel better when i was absolutely lonely and depressed. but i never did anything that could have possibly endangered my health in any way.
well, good thing you're still here with us.

February 13th, 2017, 07:08 AM
i don't know if its relivent and yo don't have to answer but what did you od on?