View Full Version : How to get back to old hobbies?

February 1st, 2017, 01:52 PM
If any of you have tips for getting back to old hobbies that you may have given up due to depression, put them here! It may help someone. Also, I'm in need of some tips myself, as I have trouble finding motivation.

Maybe tell someone you want to get back into whatever hobby, so they can help you, or even do it with you.
Join a class, team, etc. so that way you don't have to be motivated to get up and do it on your own.
If it's something you haven't done in a while, start simple. If your hobby is crocheting, choose a simple pattern. If you're going to the batting cages, choose the slow pitch option. If you're playing a musical instrument, play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
See what your friends and family are into. Maybe one of their hobbies could become your new one!
Reward yourself. If you get back into your hobby, treat yourself to a cookie or something.

Well, that's all I got. Any more advice?

February 24th, 2017, 09:14 PM
Our generation is very much based around smartphones and computers, so downloading an app to help you complete a task can be useful. For example, I downloaded a really good app to help me play guitar which I could never do because of my depression and anger issues. I would always get so pissed when I couldn't do the chords but the app really helped me. Maybe downloading and app on your computer to help you with coding if that's what you enjoy or anything like that. It can really help

March 4th, 2017, 09:42 PM
I've found that investing money into it in some way can help. For instance, I bought a gym membership a few months ago and I'm still at it. In the beginning, the motivation to stick with it might just be "Well, I've already put money into it and I wouldn't want that to go to waste."