View Full Version : Driving myself slowly insane.

January 20th, 2017, 05:08 PM
Essentially, conversation has always been a rather agonizing burden for me, especially because I don't react the same as others. You might think i'm just being socially awkward, but that is not the case. Normally, people expect certain facial features, a certain body language when talking to others, and I cannot replicate that due to a general lack of knowledge on how to react like that (See mental illnesses). I can come off as terrifying or creepy, and seeing as i'm relatively tall, it doesn't help that it adds to the intimidation effect, when I actually am quite a passive person. Now, to get to the point. If you've read the mental illnesses page, you know that i've recently broken up, albiet on relatively neutral terms, with a girlfriend. Said friend now has a busy schedule and rarely if ever even gives notice to the fact that I exist. Most would drop it by now, but i've recently wondered if there were actually feelings behind aforementioned person's introverted husk. I'd love to get into contact with her once more to at least get an overall damage report as to what exactly I came off as (hopefully not terrifying), but it seems that attempting to make conversation with her might make the situation worse. Now, here's what's truly driving me insane. I'd love to know, to set things right with aforementioned person by at least giving a brief rundown of why I act as I do, but I likely would never get to talk with her, despite having her number. To end, it's the silence that kills me.

January 20th, 2017, 10:38 PM
Did you ask her if she has time for you from at least an hour or so? I mean you said she has a busy schedule but did you ask about a lil time or not?
Would it be helpful to write all you want to tell her down...and send her an email? Sometimes it's way easier to do it that way. It's probably easier for her to read in quiet all you want to explain to her and think about it afterwards. You could offer her in that said mail to meet her and talk once more in person.

Still you have to realise that maybe she isn't interested in going through this. The end of a relationship is different for everyone and you also have to respect her way of getting over it. If that means not talking with you anymore you cannot do anything about that I'm afraid. Pushing her to talk about feelings that might or might not have been in a broken up relationship won't do anyone of you any good.

So as I said you can try to write to her if she isn't available to talk but never push too much cuz it will only end in way more hurt feelings on both sides.

January 25th, 2017, 03:47 PM
These actions have been put on hold due to another friendship crisis in my life... YAY HIGH SCHOOL! Meh...