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January 5th, 2017, 09:46 PM
Hello all. I posted something months ago about my feelings and I wanna post more.

Firstly, I thought I only had romantic feelings for women and sexual attraction towards men. For me when I masturbate, I watch straight porn but the guy needs to look good and I don't really care about how the girl looks that much. Sometimes I do but mostly I imagine a good looking guy having sex. My feelings for girls are interesting. I like them romantically and I could never imagine myself living with a man and making out them. In fact when I watch gay porn(only watching a gu masturbating---two guys gross me out) I feel repulsive after ejaculation. Straight porn doesn't make me disgusted after even if I fantasize about the guy. I also notice, seconds before ejaculation the girl moaning turns me on and I say things like "oh yes baby---directed towards the girl basically). It's just during masturbation I enjoy thinking about the good looking guy banging the girl. I think I also like good guys in my head because I feel insecure about my body and looks and could never imagine myself with the girl I'm gonna describe in the next paragraph.

So basically, I've had romantic feelings for girls for a very long time. The funny thing is, I've never liked a girl for her personality. In fact, I liked this girl in grade 7 for her face only and couldn't stop looking at her and dreaming about kissing her because I loved her face. I still do when I see her in the halls and I'm in grade 12 now. The thing is, I don't get aroused by boobs and butt. I'm not disgusted by it at all but just them alone doesn't do anything. I can admit when they are nice looking and shaped but I never find them hot. The face of this girl I wouldn't even call hot but it's just so pretty and I love thinking about being together with her. With guys, there's this boy I look at in my class because he also has a nice face. When watching porn, I fantasize about him banging the girl.

I haven't talked to this girl I like for 3 years so maybe that's why she's not in my dreams. Even Prettt Little Liars...Lucy Hale's face is amazing and I think of making out with her. But I can't imagine a person like me having sex. That's where the asexual part comes to play.

I like sex. I like vaginas, boobs and butt but not something to masturbate to alone. I tend to be for the face mainly. I feel that my sexual fantasies with woman are more romantic and intimate than extreme and all about ass like most boys my age. Some asexuals find sex gross but I don't. I think it's hot.

But yea, am I bi? I think I'm bi if anything and I'm proud regardless but I just want to know if my feelings are bisexual? It just varies all the time. Sometimes, when I have no porn, I think of that guy in class having sex with a good looking girl.Seconds before ejaculating I fantasize about the girl's enjoyment and it's so amazing. I thought me liking the girl's face was romantic but I'm basically physically attracted to her face, her beautiful hair and that's usually it. I just rarely masturbate about her because I can't imagine myself banging her. Kissing yes, but sex with a girl that pretty i can't imagine because I don't think I'm that attractive for her. For the guy, I like his face, his hands but nothing romantic.

Also may have already said this, during masturnstion I do not think of the girl that much. I like her moaning sounds sometimes but nearing ejaculation is when the girl's voice and reaction is most hot. Also, before ejaculation like the crazy split seconds, I think of myself banging her. Also, I do care about the body to an extent. I want a good body (not overweight). I just masturbate to porn differently than a lot of straight guys so I question my sexuality. I do have two girls at work I can't keep my eyes off. They aren't overweight, body is perfect and I love their hair and face. Men are just more "oh that face...lucky".

Anything helps!

January 5th, 2017, 10:30 PM
The only thing I can say and I think I
told u this before is that u r Bi Confused.
We all have different feelings watching porn
having sex-looking at girls or guys so I think
other than being confused we all have inner
thoughts of who we r and y we do things.

January 8th, 2017, 05:01 AM
I dont think that you are asexual, bi, or gay. Often gender is a complicated issue and I dont think that any of those three options describs you.

January 13th, 2017, 03:43 PM
You are most likely just very curious like most guys are. You are only Bi if you actually have relationships with other guys. So don't be concerned. If you want to have sex with an other guy and a relationship then you are definitely Bisexual. Also being Asexual is not caring for either sex at all.