View Full Version : How has the Internet changed the physical spaces in your life?

January 4th, 2017, 02:00 AM
OK, so I am really interested in how how the Internet (mainly social media) is changing physical places (e.g., the bedroom, the train carriage, the kitchen table, the classroom, and the local bar). Let me explain. Everywhere I look, I see people online where they would never have been online! If these were once places where we only did tangible "real-world" stuff (like sleeping, traveling, eating, sleeping and socializing), then I think the Internet has transformed them. Example: somehow (and I'm not entirely sure how), I am not the person I once was in my bedroom; I travel at the speed of light worldwide, which means my bedroom is also not the place it once was. Or maybe I'm just fucking crazy. Insightful discussion please :yummy:

January 5th, 2017, 06:42 AM
Our bedrooms become a sort of telephone exchange post except for more complex signals than those used back in the day. We receive and send messages constantly, and that becomes a primary goal of the bedroom enhanced with a computer. It furthermore improves the abilities of the bedroom as it can not only be used to sleep in, but also to read the news, talk to a friend, or simulate travel to other worlds through video games.

The television also contributes to this, but rather than simulating travel to alternate places, it acts as more of a window through which to see those other places.