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December 30th, 2016, 01:59 PM
Even though I'm no longer posting and way over appropriate age to be posting here, I dunno where else to ask.
I live in Russia. I'm 100% sure I have ADD but ADD meds, like Adderall, are technically illegal in Rus. I see no point to go to a psychiatrist to get something else prescribed because I'm sure nobody will take me seriously. Why? Here's a story: we have draft here in Rus and when I was of the appropriate age I had to visit a dozen of doctors for examination. When I went to a psychiatrist, I came into his office, sat down, he asked me whether everything was fine, I said yeah, then he took notes for about 15 seconds, gave me my papers and said that I can go. No tests, nothing.
So I come here to ask, what are the ways you guys deal with ADD other than meds? From what I've read, meds is exactly what I need, but reading on the internet isn't much, as you can guess. And are meds worth it? Cause I can get them but it would be expensive...


Just JT
January 2nd, 2017, 09:25 AM
I take adderol. Other meds to. And I don't like the idea of taking them at all. But I also dislike myself more when I'm off the meds. So it's a balance. What I do like about adderol is I can manage it good because it's short lasting. The ER adderol didn't work well for me

The thing about ADD/ADHD and meds like adderol, adderol is a stimulant. It's basically speed. And when I have those few times I run out or don't have it available to me, pretty much any stimulant will help. Coffee, sugar, soda, they'll all kinda do the same thing just on a smaller scale. But the effects won't last long just like adderol.

Some kids I've know will take stuff like dexatrim (used for weight loss) or nodoze to getbthat high. But they liked it for different reasons than for add

But talking to a dr to confirm you have ADD/ADHD will help. Cause it could be something else. Then you won't be even trying to use the right stuff to help.
It's a treatment thing. You can't treat someone for something unless you know what it is