View Full Version : FL Studio Help + Music Score needed

December 30th, 2016, 08:43 AM
I myself consider Music to be an art, so I put it here :P

Anyway, I want to start creating royalty-free music to help YouTubers who are worried about using copyrighted music in their videos but I have no idea how to do so. I have a program called FL Studio installed but have no idea how to use the tools to create glitch-pop or dubstep which is the main music genre I'm focusing on. Any tips? Thanks.

PS. Using FL Studio 12 free version if that helps.

EDIT: If possible, I was hoping someone could provide a music sheet to the song "Megalovania" for acoustic guitar and/or piano. Thanks!! I'm asking here because I'm having trouble finding them on google. Maybe the way I search things? Who knows. :D

January 14th, 2017, 05:42 PM
music sheet to the song "Megalovania" for piano (https://musescore.com/jestermusician/undertale_megalovania)

wish I could help you with the rest but I can barely edit audio so have no idea how to create it :)

February 10th, 2017, 09:44 AM
probably you should try to use ableton/audacity
audacity is easier to use, but ableton is more powerful