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December 9th, 2016, 11:57 PM
My lips tend to be dry a lot, and I have a habit of biting them which doesn't help. What kind of lip balm/serum/etc do you use that actually works?

December 10th, 2016, 12:57 AM
I don't buy any balms...I just use coconut oil. I always have a jar of it at home as I use it for almost everything...

December 10th, 2016, 01:13 AM

December 10th, 2016, 01:24 AM
Blistex or any Burt's Bees

December 10th, 2016, 05:49 AM
Burts Bees is awesome! My lips get super dry when I'm playing soccer outdoors all winter, and Burts Bees has saved my life

December 10th, 2016, 10:47 AM
Either chapstick or a lot of time I use lip gloss.

Zachary G
December 10th, 2016, 01:40 PM
Blistex works great for me, my lips get really dry when I am sick and that seems to help and keep them moisturized

December 11th, 2016, 11:19 AM
I use Blistex, and I heard putting coconut oil/cocoa butter on your lips before you go to bed helps a lot

December 12th, 2016, 08:57 PM
In love with Bare Minerals Moxie

December 12th, 2016, 10:31 PM
I like Burt's Bees. I haven't used their lip balm in particular in a while, but I use other products of theirs which I enjoy a lot.

Just JT
December 13th, 2016, 12:59 PM
Burts bees is the best!!
Biting your lips is the worst
Licking them in the winter makes it even worse
So try not to do that when it's cold

December 15th, 2016, 02:07 PM
Whatever you do don't use the eos egg lip balm it dries out lips

December 19th, 2016, 05:34 PM
I think it's worth working on breaking that habit so that when/if they do get try they can heal quicker

I've used Burts Bees before and it has worked very well :)

December 20th, 2016, 07:01 PM
According to google: Carmex, Burt's Bees

(Blistex wasn't on the list)

December 27th, 2016, 06:45 AM
Vaseline helps

January 4th, 2017, 11:41 AM
I like Chapstick Classic Medicated, works like a charm.

January 4th, 2017, 06:15 PM
try bee wax