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December 8th, 2016, 07:44 AM
Guys,who swim competitive!

Recently I joined our school swim team.There was a" test practice" and I have a "problem".The team suit:speedo or square leg or what"s this call; similar like speedo but have a small leg part. The problem is during the practice i get hard on perhaps because the excitment or competitive spirit dunno.In the water I can hide but when I have to go out,the wet swimwear stick to my body and shape a pretty noticable bulge.I am afriad most of the boys will laugh at me.

December 8th, 2016, 07:51 AM
I'm not in competitive team, but swim regularly. I think bulge is so normal. You are male and not a little kid anymore. believe me if u really good at ur work then no one will make jokes about u.

December 9th, 2016, 02:49 PM
Wearing a square leg is fun! Don't think about the bulge. I know it might be difficult to ignore it, but hear me out. Its basically just like underwear. Just think more about the swimming at hand, and less about your cock. If you have the bulge and no ones looking, just try sticking it between your thighs. Works for me.

December 9th, 2016, 05:25 PM
Square leg? You mean jammers? I've warn both jammers and speedos (don't swim anymore tho). Nobody will laugh at you unless you say something first, and even if you do, just join in the laughing. it's no biggie. It happens. I had to do a lot of adjusting tho. Afgain, it happens.

December 11th, 2016, 01:03 PM
I wear jammers and swim competitive. All the boys show a bulge because we have a penis. You will get use to it, and when you get hard maybe grab a towel and wrap around you. Once you start swimming you will probably forget the erection.

December 11th, 2016, 04:30 PM
Own it haha