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December 2nd, 2016, 07:42 PM
Oh, I know this is very very cheesy, but what can I say? I wrote this an insanely long time ago. I don't think my brain fully gained a sense of control-from-subconscience when I was writing this. These are pretty pure thoughts, unabridged and uncensored from gooey daydreams- it's almost interesting for me. Maybe a little humorous to see my increasing rate of infatuation as my mind keeps speaking for itself. It was a bit like a journal. But anyways, here you go.


What frustrates me, you wonder? That he is completely oblivious. And I am becoming increasingly aware beyond my own liking. I always thought it was just another little thing of being a teenager; if it is, it’s quite nearly insanely painful. But, at the same time, it’s not painful. I’m not supposed to be writing this; I should be writing an essay yet I cannot get my mind off of him.

I’ve been trying my best to beat the bush with my constant repression. It didn’t work. And I can’t help but look at him in a way like no other. I don’t think this has ever happened this way before.

Do you know just how, just how “wow” he is? His hands are so amazingly beautiful. They’re large and strong, embraced by long, slender fingers which snap at every joke. I can only imagine them around my own, embracing me as a soft shield of warmth and reassurance.

And, his eyes— surprisingly, they don’t have much color. They’re not chocolate-colored or ocean blue—they’ve been blessed by the gods of a midnight sky. There is no such thing as black irises; humans do not have this trait. Yet, those familiar orbs have a level of depth unlike any other. The darkness envelops every piece of my mind to the point of no return from my sweet daydreams; the night’s splattered with stars.

Don’t even make me start on his smile. Sure, he might have broken braces. Imperfections can exist even in the most perfect of nights. But that smile makes me feel euphoric. Like a drug, he throws me into a whirlwind of sweet fantasy.

Perhpas it's because he is so insanely sweet. He’s so adorable. He’s so adorable. He’s called me adorable. I know I’m not adorable. And my friend gained a certain level of distrust towards him after he learned of the nicknames which he gladly presents to me, like an insignificantly significant gift of some sort.

He tells me I blush a lot.

He also doesn’t realize it’s him who makes me blush like a shy toddler, scared of killing the cat. I want to kill the cat. But that would kill the curiosity, and honestly, the curiosity is as intriguing as Alice’s Wonderland potion--

And yet, he’ll never know. He will never know.

And he will never know that I feel like this.

And he will never know that I am falling for him.

But, my god, am I falling for his midnight skies.

December 2nd, 2016, 07:49 PM
That was quite stream-of-consciousness,... it could use editing (if you even care about it enough, since you said you wrote it a long time ago), but I liked it.