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November 23rd, 2016, 08:31 PM
Hello and welcome to an insight on what I must say is probably the very lowest point of my life thus far. 17 years old and I feel like my life peaked about a year ago and now it's just a dead end. I'm in my second year of college I need to resit all of last year due to failure of everything and also do this year successfully. I am currently failing in all of that. No idea what I want to do after college I am at a complete and utter dead end. My life is done with and I'm not even 18 imagine that haha. My friends are all more successful than me and I'm not a bitter or jealous person but it'd be nice to fit in rather than being the failure of the group. I chose Spanish at A level because I can be quite a confident and incredibly stubborn person and now it turns out all the doubters were 100 percent correct I cannot hack it I am not clever enough I do not have the drive I don't know what it is but I have hit a wall in my life. What am I going to do. I have got no idea. I'm not even in the "real world" yet I've got no bills to pay no rent and I can't even hack this part of my life haha. What a lovely world ey

November 24th, 2016, 07:04 PM

Lots of people hit a brick wall when they get into college. I've seen countless VT posts similar to yours so you're not alone.

Is it possible to change your major or focus in school from Spanish? If you really don't think Spanish is for you, then you could always try a broader major like English Language and Literature studies or something like that.

Just know that people hit brick walls in life all the time. In fact, it would be abnormal if you never hit one and you'd be a less experienced person for it.

You could always learn a practical skill like being an electrician. They are always in high demand and those take less education than most academic degrees.