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November 16th, 2016, 01:05 PM
I'm going camping soon on my expedition. When I went last time, I had to share a tent with someone who always going on about how being nude around other boys is weird. However, I will now have a tent to myself so if you was in this situation, what would you wear? Anything at all, clothes/ next day clothes/ underwear/nothing etc, you probably get what I mean.


November 16th, 2016, 02:19 PM
On camping trips i wear boxers, sometimes thermals if ots gonna be cold but itimportant to not sleep in what you gonna wear the next day cus it will be damp with aweat. But also bee ready if u have to get up at night or somthing. On a side note. Make sure u pee before u go to sleep because your body uses energy to keep the pee warm and its wasted energy and food.

November 16th, 2016, 03:40 PM
If its cold outside-undershirt and boxers
if u sleep in a sleeping bag otherwise
whatever makes u comfortable.

Zachary G
November 16th, 2016, 04:14 PM
when I camp, I usually slppe naked in the warmer months and in boxers and a tshirt in the cooler months

November 16th, 2016, 05:24 PM
So, if you have the tent to yourself then what to wear should be a case of what is comfortbale and leaves you at a comfortable temperature rather then being determined by modesty.

Don't sleep in the clothers you wore during the day. Wear the right number of layers to keep warm - exactly what will depend on what the temperature outside is and how good your sleeping bag is. As with outdoor activity generally it is good to be able to add and remove thin layers to get a comfortable - wearing thick thing doesn't give you much flexibility.

November 16th, 2016, 05:30 PM
I don't think this really has much to do with puberty at all. :locked: