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November 14th, 2016, 11:00 PM
A little over two weeks ago, i wrecked my dirt bike. I was on a windy mountain road about 4 in the morning and i went around a corner too fast. The big knobby tires on my bike didnt grip very well and i hit the rear brake too hard and it started to slide. I kept it upright, but slid almost straight into the guardrail. It caught the bike and kept it on the road, but i got thrown over the guardrail and down the bank. The first thing i hit was a tree 20 feet from the road, breaking ribs which made a big cut on my liver and collapsed a lung. Then, I hit the base of another tree 10 feet from the first one, breaking my pelvis and tail bone. I also got a cut about a foot long that got 19 stitches on my thigh, one that got 7 on the back of my left leg, one that got 8 where i hit the first tree on my ribs, and one that got 8 on my cheekbone.

I had to crawl back up the nearly vertical bank to get back up to the road, then lay there on the road for an hour while a friend that was riding another bike behind me called for help. I eventually got a ride home, then my parents called the ambulance, who took me to the nearest place they could land a life line helicopter. I was flown to a very well renowned hospital where i spent the next 6 hours in surgery, then three days in the intensive care unit, followed by 4 more days on a lower level of the hospital.

Now, two weeks after the accident, i have been back home for one week. I am back up and walking around the house without a walker and healing with record making progress.:)

November 14th, 2016, 11:07 PM
It's good your getting better. But Dang, that sounds really extreme, and like it could kill someone

November 26th, 2016, 08:51 PM
Wow what an experience. As a fellow biker I can associate feelings with you on having a bike accident. One of my best friends was killed in a motorcycle accident in August and it really bites when these things happen. I am so glad you made it through and that you are healing up well. Take care man.