View Full Version : Becoming a nudist.

November 5th, 2016, 09:03 AM
Well imma get right into this because I don't know how else to start!
I'm newly 16 and a male! And for a couple of years now I've started to really enjoy being naked! But the only problem is most of my family don't.... Except for my grandparents but they're always off doing something somewhere. But the thing I need help with is how to explore my new.... Passion? But a couple of my issues are that my parents are divorced. And my dad lives with his gf and her daughter. So one of my conserns. Is the its gonna be hella weird around my 'step sis' I also have a legit sis. Which may be awkward I guess :/ and just straight up going and telling my parents isn't really an option as my dads a little sketchy on that sexuail stuff....

It would also help if some other nudist could give some suggestions about how they persue it as there isn't a nudist resort/beach for ages away........

Thanks in advance!

November 5th, 2016, 09:06 AM
This isn't really puberty related. :locked: