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November 1st, 2016, 08:04 PM
For the past couple weeks I've been feeling really depressed and lost in my life. I have some type of idea of what I want to do after I graduate, but sometimes I feel discouraged. It's kind of out there where as my friends want practical 9 to 5 jobs. I'm a junior in high school and I get pretty average grades. I have a 3.0 right now. Im not sure what my weighted GPA is, but I think it's atleast a 3.5 since I've only ever taken honors and ap classes. I also do dual enrollment which is where you can take college classes while in high school. I want to graduate high school with my aa in business administration. I don't really see myself continuing my education afterwards unless I don't graduate I think my aa because I still need a few more credits. I wouldn't mind graduating with my aa the summer after I graduate from hs it would just be annoying because I'd have to start paying for my college classes. But here's where things get tricky. I'm really into makeup and I would love to have my own cosmetics line. I was thinking about it a couple weeks ago and it can be really hard to start a company from the ground up. I've been thinking about using social media to make a name for myself. I'm gonna turn 17 on November 26th and the day before that is black Friday. I was planning on buying a camera then, so that I can start branding myself. I'm really good at makeup and it's a really big interest of mine. People at school always compliment me (I'm that girl who always wears a full face of makeup to school). My parents want me to go into the medical field, so I was thinking about going after my dreams now and if it doesn't work out I could always become a registered nurse and keep working on my dreams while in college.
I'm really looking for some advice. Any words of positivity. I just feel hopeless all the time, but watching makeup tutorials on youtibe always makes me feel better. It's just really hard because I feel like because I'm not going after a traditional job, I feel like it could never happen to me even though I see it happen to others all the time. It's like I can imagine myself getting the followers, the platform, and moving to LA after high school, but I don't have motivation for the actual actions I have to take to get to that. What are your thoughts on this whole thing?

November 11th, 2016, 10:16 PM
Well you seem to know what you want to do? That seems like a very blessed position, I mean hell if I had any idea what I wanted to do @ 16, or even where I am at now... I'd be a lot happier than I am.

Your parents wanting something shouldn't really matter, typically parents want what's best for you (or what they think is best for you, or their own failed dreams) but even trying your own dreams and failing is better for you than a safe option provided by someone else, imo.

Trying to appease both your own dreams and parents is a complicated matter... I think if you have 0 interest in anything medical then you can't really do both. But if being a nurse or a doctor or whatever is interesting to you then it is just a matter of possbility and energy.

But really I think you should set your own dreams first.. Because ehh they're your dreams.. Duh..

I don't know about the methods you should use, to me it seems any kind of youtube based ''branding'' depends on your own person and in a field such as make up it is extremely dependant on your own looks.

But seeing as you are also interested in business admin you should know the theoretics...

Positive words; go for your dreams, the sooner you do it the better, the more time you have to make them reality.