View Full Version : I was majorly abused by people, including a support worker!

Mall Tea Zer
October 31st, 2016, 11:59 PM

I'm a lonely but intelligent person who has always struggled with making friends. I've only actually got one older friend. Now because of anxiety, I am inclined to be even more nervous than I want to be, so I am inclined to avoid busy places. I've got something that is like autism. Just that they call it PDD-NOS.

I used to get support from an agency in Scotland for people who have autism. They also rent out properties, and so I lived in a flat they run, until I was removed because of allegations by two women that overreacted to me getting feelings for them. Some guy at the company did something to me though that is awfully concerning.

A long time ago, I was highly upset at not being able to find an ex-girlfriend, who I met over 11 years ago. She was kind of annoying, and I left her. However, I sort of plucked up the courage to go see her again a year or so later, since I never 100% got over losing her, and I never had another woman at all, for years. She had moved away though, and I spent a long time feeling depressed.

I kept on rambling on and on about her to my first ever key worker, and then this guy came to support me whom my (female) key worker must have said stuff to about me. They were really the only two people I had support shifts with in the beginning, until all these other workers came down the line much later on.

Anyway, I was receiving these harassing emails from somebody right after he arrived, and the person eventually said the support worker's name in them, but when I questioned him about the messages, he behaved in a crazy way there after. Then he once made an offer to beat up my sister's boyfriend after I told him he was horrible to her.

The emails he sent normally included insulting pro wrestling or music related comments directed at me, and he later left the job after he pretended to be drunk one day, then repeated the remarks from his emails. But at some point, he emailed me because I may have emailed him and said he was clean now or something. He claims he left because he was getting too close to me (whatever that meant) and we ended up playing pool because I forgave him. However, he soon started being a jerk again.

I actually got back with my ex. However, she ended up becoming a manipulative liar who claims I was just a friend. She used me to buy her things. I've also been bullied by a lot of people online over the years, and now I don't get support at all. So one day I saw a medium and she said that people take advantage of my kindness.

Despite how positive I am, that guy being like that has made me lose trust in people. My ex was nasty as well. What ever happened to trust or true love?

November 8th, 2016, 10:02 AM
Well try looking from all possible angles and see if there is anything that could have happend diffrently with a new action. See where you end up :)

Mall Tea Zer
November 9th, 2016, 12:02 PM
OK. :yes:

November 13th, 2016, 10:27 PM
Even the most trustworthy person in the history of trustworthy people has only a few close people in their life who they truly trust. Don't stop being kind, don't stop wanting to trust. Just keep trying to be the best person you can be everyday and trust that will be good enough for someone in time...bc it will.