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Reece L
October 11th, 2016, 03:52 PM
I was always smoking weed. I tried to overdose on 2 ounces but failed, I actually thought you could OD. So I told my friends I would and said "yo man I ain't scared I'll prove you can OD. But o just got so high.
I liked it. So I was smoking ounces every day. P.s I still go to school and I will say cannabis is bad. But can't overdose on. As I tired hard, you can OD but rarley. One day I was outta weed. I wh antes to get some legal highs. Worst idea on the planet. Got 10 bags of gogaine, acts like cocaine. Then k2 spice...I never realised, "not for human consumption " on the back, I snorted 5 grams of gogaine, loved the feeling, got sexual aroused, laughed At anything. Believe it or not. I thought I was spider man...ill get to that part in a min . Then I smoked 4 bags of k2 spice. I am suprised I didn't kill myself. I was at the point where the room was so big, I was like a little person. The room was so dam huge, it felt like I could fly a plane using a Dorito chip. I loved it. But I was so dumb..I saved up a few hundred and got 19 bags of gogaine, and 20 bags of k2 spice. I snorted 9 gogaine, and smoked 11 grams of k2 spice. (P.s people have died due to spice. And this was 10000000X more powerful them two ounces in 1 bag of spice...I was so high I acted like I was spider man. I tried to punch the tv. (My best friend smoked a little spice and wasn't that high and was watching me.) when I tried to punch the tv....I froze....then stood there for 29 minutes.....then I started kissing the wall...started to punch myself as I was screaming "I am been possessed," then my friend calmed me down. I then hallucinated the walls was dripping... And hallucinatioted I was in some sort of time freez trance... I tried to move but couldn't... I was trying to move and scream...then I passed out... I then had a lucid dream. (Where your dreaming and aware of it, and can control it.) but didn't know it was a dream. It was all dark...heard a evil laugh like a demon voice....saw a devil like thing that said, "wake up...wake up...before I drag you to hell, and you'll be stuck there, for life.." from that day, I never touched legal highs. And you should never ever have them, just cause there legal, don't mean there safe. There 10X more deadly then any other drug. I'm so suprised I didn't die. And thankful I didn't. Legal highs cause extreme hallucinatioted sites....and thought I could handle it.....I've had lsd aka acid before and this legal high stuff is 100x more powerful and horrible.

October 11th, 2016, 04:03 PM

Living For Love
October 12th, 2016, 03:51 AM
This is not appropriate. :locked: