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October 1st, 2016, 04:17 PM
So i just started at a new school and i have lots of good friends that are girls, and some friends that are guys, and some of these guys are really nice, but like ive known them for 3 weeks, would it be weird to like as if they wanted to hang or like have a sleepover or something, i just feel like it could be akward.

City Kid
October 1st, 2016, 04:48 PM
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October 1st, 2016, 05:04 PM
I don't think so. I'd say to ask them to hang, as opposed to a sleepover. You might want to wait a little longer to make sure you'd enjoy having a sleepover with them. Though overall, I think it's more about how close you are with them instead of how long you've known them.

October 1st, 2016, 05:11 PM
I don't think it would be weird at all. Ask them if they want to hang out, you have to start somewhere.

October 2nd, 2016, 12:54 PM
I think it would be great since you are new this is a way to really get to know these guys. As ImCoolBeans said you have to start somewhere and this would be good